Christmas top 5 2012 – #1

December 21, 2012

This is a fairly well known song, I suspect but it seemed appropriate to feature it this year as I will actually be in New York for Christmas, but not in the drunk tank, I hope.


Christmas top 5 2012 – #2

December 20, 2012

It is still strange to think that Bob Dylan did a Christmas album. Turns out that the idea of Dylan crooning Christmas has been around for years. Check out this novelty number from back in the 60’s.

Christmas top 5 2012 – #3

December 19, 2012

Fancy a little bit of country boogie? Take it away Hank Snow.

Christmas Top 5 2011 #1

December 16, 2011

Is this a Christmas song? Well, it is about Christmas, and that is good enough for me. What’s more it comes from one of my all time favourite albums, namely Paris 1919 by John Cale.

Christmas Top 5 2011 #2

December 15, 2011

From fast funk to slow groove, here is something a little different for Christmas. I do like to play this song by Morphine over and over again as one listen is never enough.

Christmas Top 5 2011 #3

December 14, 2011

Our number three Christmas song this year combines funky good times with social comment. Take it away, Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings.


Christmas Top 5 2011 #5

December 12, 2011

Another year, another Christmas Top 5. Now, these are by no means the greatest Christmas songs of all time, but just another 5 good Christmas songs that I think should get some airplay, and believe me they will, at my house. My love of Christmas songs stems a great deal from my affection for the “Blues” and they are so many Christmas songs by “Blues” artists. So to kick off the Christmas Top 5 this year, here is Lowell Fulson with I Want To Spend Christmas With You.