More #Suapanova Perth 2012

June 25, 2012

Okay, I said tomorrow, but the online world moves fast and by then no one will care about Supanova 2012, so best to carry on now.

I promised some more cosplayers and here they are. Along with some other Supanova shots.

Mario Bros

Brothers gonna work it out


Earlier in the day this guy had his small kid with him dressed as Asterix, which was pretty cool.


Far be it from me to criticise but with Cosplay there seems to be a gender imbalance with how much flesh is revealed.


Now, this person knows their Spider-man history. Do you?


Appropriately enough the Tardis inside the bag is bigger than it looks

Kung Fu Panda

There was a Kung Fu Panda, but no Hong Kong Phooey


Strolling with an axe. Only at Supanova



Lady Deadpool

Lady Deadpool; she even has that stick out your hip pose, just like in the comics. Yay!


Golden Age Flash; excellent choice

Silk Spectre

There were a few Silk Spectres there but this one had the best hair

Kill Bill

Ah, the bride to be


I love this photo


“Wait! You mean they finally released a Wedge action figure? I never knew this.”



#Supanova Perth 2012

June 25, 2012

The organisation for the Perth Supanova event is improving.

For instance, they have taken over more of the Robertson Pavilion at the Claremont showgrounds. And they have split up the presenters to much better effect.

Last year I got to see Tom Felton and James Masters but they had sandwiched poor Batman artist and writer David Finch between them as a buffer to get the crowd out. I understand the need to clear the room for each presentation but until this year they always had the problem of the crowd waiting to get in would bump up against the crowd trying to get out (some of whom also wanted to get back in), as there was only the one way in or out of the presentation room.

This year the organisers had a designated entrance and a designated exit; you came in from outside the pavilion only once those within had left via the exit that lead to the cafeteria section. Leaving via this way was a bit of a squeeze but at least there was no one trying to go against the flow and no need to make comic book makers feel like they were being used; I’m sure they get enough of that working for a big company.

To further insure that comic book makers were not used in this manner they split up the venues; film and TV stars in one venue, comic book makers in another. Sensible I say.

In addition to better organisation of the talks the entrance to the event was better. For all the years I have been going (3 times now out of the 4 times they have held this in Perth) they had two queues outside to get in. There was a prepaid line and a buy on the day line all leading to the one way in. One line would stretch north, the other south. Last year I bought a ticket at the door and I got in sooner than a lot of prepaid people. It was strange how I got in that year.  I reached just inside the front of the venue where I used eftpos to buy a ticket and then had to go back outside with this ticket to see one of the wristband distributors who then took my ticket in exchange for one of the wristbands and with this now in I could go back inside, this time past the ticket sellers and all the way in. strange like I said but this line moved faster than the pre-sold line which also was strange.

This year, those buying tickets on the day were lining up to visit ticket booths set up separate from the venue so once they had paid and had been given a wristband they could walk straight inside. The other line also ended at a location away from the main doors. Here too they were given armbands and then could stroll inside. No bottle neck at the door resulted as in previous years, which is much better. Top marks for this.

Lines at Supanova

Form an orderly line here, here and here

The cosplayers always make the event. I love their dedication to their craft. I saw one young lady dressed up as I don’t know what – her friends were all recognisably manga inspired so maybe she was too; she sort of looked like an older version of Charlie Chaplin but as part of her outfit she was carrying an afternoon tea tray laden with a tea set and treats. I heard her say that the tray weighed little but she was getting cramps in her shoulders from holding it for so long.

Mystique and Emma Frost

Mystique and Emma Frost; marvel at these ladies

I wished I had got a shot of the cosplayer dressed as She-Ra; she looked too young to have ever seen it the first time it was on TV but it was great to see someone in such gear.

cosplayers outside

Sights outside at Supanova

In addition to cosplayers and looking at the many stalls I went to a few seminars.  

At the first seminar I went to the compeer instructed us not to make marriage offers or anything similar to the guests, and we didn’t. Actually it was last year when we had James and Tom that a lot of ladies asked for hugs. James explained at the time why not; could lead to orgies.


“No one is to pop the question, okay?”

I caught Mercedes McNab. I got in early and got a pretty good seat. She talked a lot about Buffy and Angel and just a little of what she was doing now which involved Geek Nation. I asked if she saw what happened to her character in the comics Buffy Season 8 to which she responded yes and thought it was rather good the idea of Harmony becoming famous and having her own reality show. Mercedes even has such a little dog like Harmony does in the comics which is either life or art imitating one or the other.

Mercedes McNab 1

“No need to pop the question” said Mercedes, “I got married on May 12”

In response to the question about what is the strangest question ever asked Mercedes mentioned how just in Sydney she was asked would she prefer to be attacked by a horse sized duck or a flock of duck sized horses, or something like that.

Mercedes McNab 2

“A lot of guys in Sydney had practical questions for my husband about the marriage, which was strange, but not the strangest question”

I also caught Christopher Lloyd and this was one of the most amusing seminars; and I also got great seats, having lined up for them for over half an hour. The line to get in to see Christopher was huge.  

long line

Backs to the front of the line


I lined up next to a Hobbit. Only at Supanova

Hobbit feet

She even had Hobbit feet

I got seats in the second row in the far right block of seats (please don’t read anything political in that; it was just where seats were not filling up at the point when I came in). The whole auditorium filled up and people were standing at the back when Christopher came in. The seats for him were right in front of the two rows of VIP seats in the middle block of chairs. Unlike the Mercedes session where a microphone was passed around by a compeer, this time they went for a stand up mike, so you had to line up on the right hand side to ask a question. The microphone was right in my line of sight where I was seated.

Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd takes to the stage

It must have been the second question when it happened. The young lady asked if Christopher and the cast of Back To The Future had anything planned for the date of October 21, 2015. Christopher either didn’t hear or understand the question; maybe both. So he came closer. And closer. In the end he was right in front of her and my block of chairs. The poor girl, embarrassed, repeated the question as best she could for Christopher to understand. He gave a simple one word answer; no.

Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd gets close

Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd gets closer

Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd gets even closer

Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd says no

But having travelled all this way across the stage with a hand held microphone he then stayed right there directly in front of my block of chairs. Best seats in the house (take that those of you in the VIP chairs – which incidentally were not full and never were in all of the sessions that I attended).

Christopher Lloyd

“I like it over here”

Christopher liked to ramble with his answers, which was rather amusing and two of his questioners looked familiar. One was dressed up like Marty, and this had Christopher saying Marty in that Doc Brown voice. And then when someone came in up in Doc Brown fashion complete with the shirt Christopher gave us more lines in his Doc Brown voice. He even shook hands with this Doc Brown look alike who even had the right shirt on under the lab coat. Christopher told us that he had kept a copy of that shirt.


Christopher Lloyd and "Marty"


Christopher Lloyd and "Doc Brown"

Christopher Lloyd reaches out and touches himself, sorta

Christopher touched on all of his major significant roles including his first film One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, and Star Trek 3 and Addams Family and even the recent Piranha films.  

This was a great seminar and did I mention how I had great seats? I just took photo after photo of Christopher since I was so close.

Christopher Lloyd shakes hands with Doc Brown

Look out; future Doc Brown is interacting with past Doc Brown; rupture in time stream imminent

I went all the way to the other side of the Robertson Pavilion, pushing through the throng, to catch Ashley Wood. I remember buying a few issues of Automatic Kafka and Popbot way back when. He was interesting and encouraged us all to follow our dreams. He had positive things to say about Todd McFarlane. The attendance was small however.

Ashley Wood

Ashley Wood, unplugged.

I then journeyed back to the big auditorium to catch Tricia Helfer a few minutes into her slot. I could have sat closer but I wanted to be able to exit fast to come back for Yvonne Craig. However, looking out the window I never saw a line forming like it did for Christopher Lloyd.


“I have to get through all of these people?”

Tricia rattled off an impressive list of voice over work she has done, a lot of it attributable to her having done Battlestar Galactica. Plus she has appeared in Chuck, 2 and a Half Men and Burn Notice and recently appeared in a clip for the Black Keys. Somehow she finds the time to do stuff online over at

Tricia Helfer

Look; 6 is here. This must mean the Ceylons have found Earth. That can’t be good.

Tricia spoke about a recent pilot she did about rescue dogs. Sadly this has not been picked up but she nominated it as one of her favourite roles and shared some humorous anecdotes about filming with dogs. Also mentioned a time when modelling and with all the hair spray her nostrils stuck together; glamorous.

Winged helmut

“No, you ask the Thunder God to remove his helmet because you can’t see”

Unusual fact; when on Two and a Half Men, she met Jon Cryer, who revealed that he was asked to audition for Gaius Baltar. I wonder how that might have turned out?

I raced back and around to get back in for Yvonne Craig, which I thought would have been better attended but maybe it was the time of day. It was after 4pm. Since attendance was so small and no VIP seats were being used the compeer asked us all to move closer and so I ended up in the second row of the main block of chairs.

Yvonne was wonderful and spoke about her involvement in Star Trek, Man from Uncle and of course her time as Batgirl.

Yvonne Craig 1

“and then I met (insert famous name)”

Star Trek she did not enjoy being on; “get in line to hate him” was what she said William Shatner. Also the green body make up that she wore was fraught with difficulties including having the make up artists shave her eyebrows. And then her improvised 2 minute alien dance was not recorded.

On Man from Uncle she fell in love with David McCallum; he even picked the lock on her trailer when she locked herself out which just increased her infatuation.

I didn’t know that she had starred in two movies with Elvis Presley. She even went round to his place to place and had dinner with him; he fell asleep while watching TV with her. Yvonne then turned off all the lights and went to leave but accidentally hit the panic button. The police promptly turned up as she tried to leave.

We all wanted longer to hear more about her Batgirl experience. Fun fact: Adam West had to have his armpits constantly dried with a hair dryer. Her own outfit had to be reshaped to take advantage of one, or rather two of the reasons she was hired.

Yvonn Craig 2

“No, I didn’t keep the Batcycle”

She regaled us with quite a few tales of Vincent Price and being the Price fan that I am I listened quite attentively to these. She described him as erudite and wonderful to talk to and he was her favourite villain guest star. I loved the tale of how she ran over his feet with her bat cycle.

One last obervation; Matt Smith has caused a major resurgence in the Fez. I saw so many people wearing them. I’ll post some more pictures of some cosplayers tomorrow.


A fez, and something with a gun

SupaNova: the rest

July 8, 2010

Darn, had so much to do I just have not had time to blog on about the rest of my day at SupaNova, but I hope to. So, while we all wait for me to add the details here at least are the remaining photos from the day.

Dalek at SupaNova Perth 2010

Another Dalek at SupaNova Perth 2010, this one at the Doctor Who Fan Club stand

Also at the Doctor Who fan club stand, there was a Tardis tent

At Empire Toys, there was no credit card facility but the staff did dress up. Here is Loki.

Two Ghostbusters and one Johnny Cash as a Ghostbuster

Lou Ferrigno enters

Lou about to impersonate Arnie; he did the voice rather well

Summer in Winter shade

I was right at the back for this session

Don't blink! Weeping Angels are near.

(insert sound effect here) Michael Winslow comes onstage (insert another sound effect)

"Still can't find those droids I'm looking for; just Jawas."

I don't remember the purse in episode 1

It's Hit Girl!

SupaNova part 3

July 2, 2010

Everyone had to leave the seminar room at the end of Mark Lutz’ presentation, with the exception of those who had purchased VIP tickets. People who had those could stay, and they would be staying in the front row seats allocated for them. However, everyone did leave the seminar room because there was no one there with a VIP ticket.

Upon leaving I was met with another long line, this one about to come in. Yet that was not the only line. There was another line that snaked around and almost joined the line to get back into the seminar room; this line was to buy photos of the stars appearing at SupaNova. There were more lines still, as the autograph booths were nearby and the queues for them were backing up into these first two lines. To get to the back of any line you had to cut in front of some people and squeeze past others and then, once at the end of the queues, try to figure out which of the many end of the lines was the line you wanted.

This time it wasn’t too hard to find the line to go back into the seminar room to see the next guest. It was the only line that was moving.

The next guest was Charisma Carpenter, another Wheddonverse star. She played Cordellia in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel.

Charisma Carpenter at SupaNova Perth 2010

This session was very well attended. I did not see any empty seats and people were having to stand up at the back.

I also discovered that you could take photos. For the previous session for Mark Lutz I thought I was doing something illicit so I only took the one photo, but now I could snap away all I wanted, for all the good it was. The restriction was, and I knew that there had to be one, no flash photography.

Now, I don’t know about anyone else’s digital camera, but mine, with no flash, gives me blurry pictures. These can be interesting, as the subject ends up with waving arms and sometimes two heads, but as a document that identifies who someone is, they are not so great.

Charisma was asked plenty about Angel and Buffy but also about Veronica Mars, which was fantastic. She explained how she got the role after proving that she could be sexy; she had just done a Playboy shoot. She also spoke about how Veronica Mars was almost a Bufy reunion with her seeing Alyson Hannigan on set and later Joss turning up for a cameo.

It was obvious that Charisma was a loving mother as she often mentioned her son, and talked about how when she looked at the episode of Angel in which she was pregnant, it touched her to think that her son is sort of in that scene. This lead me to ask her how she found balancing work as an actor and life as a mum. She responded that it was hard and that she had support and that when a mother she gave 110%.

Other topics she touched on included:

  • The Expendables; the upcoming film with Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren and Jason Statham. She spoke about being on this very macho set and how it was to kiss Jason
  • On the topic of kisses she was asked who was the best kisser in Angel and Buffy. She admitted that she expected this question but not from the guy who asked it. She gave Mark Lutz a high rating.
  • She remembered a few of the costumes that she wore
  • How awkward it was in the early days of Buffy when she was ‘unliked’ as she was the mean one
  • How it came to pass that she finally got to stake a vampire in the Graduation Day episode of Buffy as she was nice to Joss that night
  • The differences in playing Cordellia in Buffy and Angel and which writer captured her character the best
  • she admitted that she has not seen any episodes of Buffy after she left the show and that she only owns the first and last seasons of Angel. I should add that she stated how she would like to see those episodes of Buffy but as she was filming Angel at the time was not able to then and has not got around to it. She intends to get those missing seasons of Angel and one day will. She warned us, please don’t, out of fan boy kindness, buy them for her, because she could probably get them free somehow through the industry she works in.
  • An accident that she had on the set of Buffy one time where she ran into a pair of antlers on a fake mounted deer head, and was taken to the emergency room. The hospital staff were told that the injury was caused by antlers and so admisistered a tetnus shot. The needle broke halfway through the unnecessary injection so they tried again and gave it to her in her other arm.

With the end of  this session the room was once again cleared. It was advertised that someone connected to Twilight was to be next, but I heard an announcement about a late change. I didn’t pay much notice. I now had some time to check out the stalls and spend some money, before the 1.10pm session with Eliza Dushku, who played Faith in Buffy and Angel.

SupaNova part 2

June 30, 2010

So, where was I? Oh, that’s right; I was in a line. Pay attention! Being in a line will be a recurring motif of these recollections.

Having finally got inside the venue and getting the back of my hand stamped to prove it, I found the seminar room where the first talk of the day was already underway.

I was able to walk right in and had plenty of seats to choose from, all with a good view of the star of the session, Mark Lutz.

Now as soon as I told my partner that Mark Lutz was going to be at SupaNova and that he was from Angel, she straight away remembered that he was “The Groosalugg”. So, if that means nothing to you, I guess you are not a fan of Angel.

I was annoyed to have missed more than half of Mark’s session, but so glad that I caught what I did, because he was most amusing.

He told the story of his worst ever TV appearance, which was on a fake reality show. He was given the 60 page script the night before and when he came on set was informed that there was no wardrobe department and that he was meant to have provided his own suit to wear. I asked if this was ever broadcast and the answer was no, so he discouraged us all to look for it online.

Mark asked if any of us had visited his My Space page, the site of his recent April Fool’s Day joke. He had posted on 1 April that the Groosalugg spin off series had just been given the go ahead. Most people did not realise it was a put-on, and Mark’s agent had to say that perhaps such a joke was not in his best interests.

Mark also spoke of another great April Fool’s Day joke wherein he phoned his mother to tell her about a ” new reality show” he was to be in. In this “new reality show”, Mark was going to marry a complete stranger and then have a TV crew follow them around for a year. Expecting his mother to go crazy over his marrying someone he had never met and who could be a whacko, she instead reacted with joy at this “wonderful news”.  

Mark also made a great joke about our new Prime Minister being Tilda Swinton.

Sadly his time ended before he could show us footage of his recent film, Victor. Thankfully I did have time to get a photo of him, although not the best shot of the day.

Mark Lutz at SupaNova Perth 2010

With him leaving the stage came the announcement that we would all have to leave the seminar room before the next session began. So I got up to leave, unaware that I was about to go join another long line…To be continued

SupaNova part 1

June 29, 2010

The Saturday just gone I went to the SupaNova event at Claremont Showgrounds. I almost didn’t make it.

I was all set to go, bag packed, camera ready, etc, when I tried to start the Lada. No go. My partner had just left to go on her morning walk and had been kind enough to open the gate for me to reverse out. When I went to look up and down the street to see if she was still nearby, she was gone.

I was faced with a problem. Should I take the other car; the one that my partner needed to go to work that afternoon?  Or should I try and catch a train? I do live near the train line, and take it to work most days, but on weekends the trains are less frequent. If I was to catch a train it would have to be soon.

I raced inside to grab the timetable. There was a train in the next 10 min, which I could get, provided I reached the station in time. For me to reach the station, I would need a lift. In order to have a lift, someone would have to drive me. That someone was out walking, somewhere.

Thankfully I listen to my partner when she tells me where it is that she goes on her walks and so I drove off in the other car, trying to find her. She was not walking anywhere around the streets that I myself have in the past walked with her, but I remembered that she had of late been favouring Station Street, as that had less traffic.

I caught sight of her traipsing across the dead end of a cul de sac while I was driving nearby. I rounded a few corners to meet her at the entrance of that street. I explained my plight and she agreed to come with me to the station.

By this time, I had missed the train that I had noted in the timetable that I had quickly consulted. I reasoned that my next best bet was to go the next station, where the express made it’s last stop on the way into Perth. So off we went. My partner took the wheel as I kissed her goodbye and ran the last few metres to the stop. I had reasoned well; the next express was due in 5 min.

I was soon in Perth and looking for the next connection; the train to take me to the showgrounds. I changed platform and came across the sign informing me that the Fremantle line was closed for repair. I had to go to the Wellingston St Bus Station for a replacment bus. Would the complications of transport on this day never end?

I raced back down the way I had come and continued onto the bus station. I was basically retracing the steps that I take to get to work.

A bus was ready and waiting to go to the showgrounds with many people, some in cosplay, already aboard. Soon after I found a seat we were away. Not long now, I thought.

However, in the battle of Bus v Train, the train is quicker. The bus took half an hour meandering through Subiaco and at one stage driving completely past the showgrounds, before finally turning around, after having crossed the railway tracks, for us to disembark  at the Claremont showgrounds.

Little herds of cosplayers and fans started to make their way to the pavillions.

I had been aiming to get to SupaNova in time to hear the first talk of the day at 10.40. By now, with all the transport delays that I had it was a little after 10. I had pre-purcahsed a ticket, so I thought I should be able to get inside with no hassle and find a good seat.

Coming up to the pavillion I saw that I was in error.

The lines to get into SupaNova

Notice that there are two lines. The one in the background is the line for people buying their tickets on the day. The line in the foreground is for the smart people, like me, who bought their ticket ahead of time (and paid that pesky booking fee – grumble). Now the far away line stretched on far away, as you can see. But what about the pre-paid line?

Finally near the end of the pre-paid line

The pre-paid line was just as long as the line for pay on the day. Plus, upon arrival I had no way of knowing which line was which. I asked and no one with a lanyard around their neck with a plastic SupaNova badge could tell me for sure. Some of the people I started lining up with found out after 10 min that they were in the wrong line. I took note of these people, who were in costume, who had to march all the way to the end of the other line. I will mention them again later.

So, what was the point of pre-purchasing a ticket if this is what happens? I stood in that line for 45 min. At least I had the cosplayers around to entertain me and give me something to look at. I had these very nice anime cosplayers in front of me, who allowed the rest of their team to cut in to join them. I guess their strength is derived from each other.

The Cosplayers in front of me - does anyone recognise the characters?

I finally got near the front, having taken a few photos and got my show bag from some volunteers (more bag than show, considering it only had a few vouchers and the program in it), but I had missed the start of the first talk by about 15 min so far, and there was still 20 people in front of me. I looked over at the other line and that was moving a lot faster than the one I was in. Remember those cosplayers from before, who had to change lines? They were now entering the pavillion.

Still stuck in line? Why not take another photo.