November 4, 2011

Well, I’m about to go on leave and I can’t guarantee that I will be able to blog regularly over the next month. But I will be back in December with a Christmas record display and a Christmas top 5.

To wind up for now, how about a little slice of Scott Walker?


Bare The Vinyl

October 9, 2009

Or Sleeveless Records.

Another display comes around. A tip of the hat to Helenkitty who picked that yes, all three albums have images of London/England. The hat tips once more to Ultimately Uplifting who also rightly picked that I did not leave the ‘B’ area of my alphabetised collection when I put the display together.

The theme this week is, I should think, obvious.

No Regrets by The Walker BrothersPush Push by Herbie MannI'm In You by Peter Frampton

What was going on in the 1970’s that saw album covers like these out there? I suspect the answer is in Scott Walker’s hand. They all drank at the photo shoot. ‘No Regrets’ indeed. No memory either until the record came out probably.

Top 5 Songs To Get Me Thru The Week – Thursday

October 7, 2009

Thursday and my attention here at work is starting to drift. In fact I’m daydreaming, about how I could be someone else, just for a little while. Perhaps an hour, just one little hour…Time for Scott Walker and the Jacques Brel number Jackie. This song just gallops on, taking you along on a wild ride of drunkenness and licentiousness.

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