All the ladies get down

November 15, 2010

I always check my stats at this blog, and consistently, time after time, the most viwed page is this one, where the vinyl triptych featured three album covers where the band in question was sitting down. Why has this page proven to be so well viewed? Is it because of the bands? Are there legions of Free followers online? Does Ten Years After have a massive online community of fans? Is Manfred Mann king of the web?

Or is it the subject matter, sitting down, which brings viewers to that page? On the odd chance that maybe, just maybe, the topic of sitting down is the lure, here is a companion piece to that vinyl display. This time the covers are all of ladies down on the ground.

Skintight by Ohio Players

Love Me Again by Rita Coolidge

Playing Possum by Carly Simon

Onto the topic of record hunting and I had a succesful visit to the Belmont Swap Meet on Sunday. Didn’t have much money to spare but what I did have got me through, with some records priced at 50cents and others for a dollar. 

For a buck each, I picked up two prime examples of 70’s country rock with the debut album of Firefall and the second release by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, plus, from the same seller, Juke Joint Jump, by the always fun Elvin Bishop and a Sonny and Cher compilation. Amongst the other items from this seller was Desitively Bonnaroo by Dr John, or at least the cover was. I looked inside and that was it. I looked in the box of records hoping to see the record by itself, but no, nothing. I almost went through every other record to see if it had been put in the wrong cover, but time was getting on.

How do people lose a record? I mean, when you pick up an album, straight away you should be able to tell from the weight, or lack of, that there is something missing.  However, it was at a Belmont Swap Meet that I discovered the hard way that just because there is a record inside, that does not mean it is the right one. I remember a few years ago now, coming home with what I thought was 3+3 by the Isley Brothers; only inside it was a Jackson Browne record. Ever since I have checked before any sale that the record inside is the right one.  

I also got two Christmas albums, one by Jim Reeves with arrangements by Chet Atkins and the other a sampling of artists from the A&M label singing festive tunes. These were 50 cents each. My Christmas music collection continues to grow.  

The seller who horrified me at Halloween with his mold covered records was back again, with the same mold covered records, but the Mothers of Invention album was gone, so someone braver than me must have picked it up to give it a whirl.

There was one seller with a great box of records, including titles by Queen, Alice Cooper and Jethro Tull, and even a double live album by Dory Previn. I knelt down to have a look and asked him how much he wanted for them. He said twenty dollars. I thought he might have meant the whole box or perhaps I misheard him so I went on to ask him why he was selling them and he answered how he now had everything on CD, and he had not played these for ages and had only been storing them and so it was time to pass them on. Then I asked him again how much, and he clarified it for me; twenty dollars, each. I wonder if he sold any of them yesterday.

Also amongst my great finds was a Rod Steward biography from back in the 70’s with heaps of illustrations. From this same seller I picked up a tour programme of Rod dated 78/79. Sadly, when I got it home I discovered that many of the pages were missing. So now, not only do I check all records inside the covers I must also check all pages of second hand books.


Things are looking up

April 26, 2010

I didn’t have to even leave the ‘S’ section of my collection for this weeks display. Must be something about having an ‘S’ in your name that leads you to being giant sized.

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Song For Friday

December 11, 2009

Been listening to The Faces’ boxset Five Guys Walk Into A Bar all week (see my Another Day Another Disc tweets). Having saturated my aural inputs with Rod and the lads just I had to seek them out on YouTube for a little visual to add to the sonic. Here is “Cindy Incidentally”, a little rocker that for me captures a mood of happy/sad. It’s a song about having to move on, but at least having someone to move with. There is also enough time for a drink. Hey, it’s The Faces after all.

Last Night’s Record Hunt

September 25, 2009

Last night was the start of the annual book sale of the south of the river branch of Save the Children (does any one else think of a certain Laura Nyro song when they read that? No? Must just be me then). It lacks the renown of the north of the river branch that have held their annual book sale at UWA for yonks.
The south of the river branch book sale is small in comparison and a lot more laid back. Recently they have latched onto the Cannington showgrounds. The hall they use there is spacious and airy, and nothing like the hotbox that the South Perth Civic Centre hall was.

Of course, at these book sales they always have a few boxes of records, and that’s why I was in the line 2 hours before the 6pm opening.
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