I want lights!

August 27, 2010

I’m going out tonight and I hope you are too.

So the song for a Friday today is all about going out.

Richard Thompson is something of a cult favourite, and has been on the music scene since the 60’s and is still going strong. I was lucky enough to see him perform live a few years back at the Fly by Night club in Fremantle and it was a fantastic show.

At this stage of his career he was performing with his wife whose lovely vocals grace this more or less happy song. I must warn you that the bulk of Richard’s songs do tend to be a bit on the down side.


you cube

November 12, 2009

I tried a little youcube experiment. The idea worked out better than the execution. Have all six sides of a cube playing a different youtube clip and as you rotate the cube each bit progresses along. So armed with a theme, food, I created the lunchbox, with 6 food songs. However, I could never get more than three songs/clips to play all at once. The result was a cube with blank spaces more often than not. Read the rest of this entry »

So you want to be a rocknroll nerd?

September 8, 2009

Tips on how to be a music nerd.

I. Make lists. Anyone who saw High Fidelity probably had a laugh at all the top ten lists they made. Yet, such lists are a real pursuit of the music nerd. Be aware that many of the good lists have already been done, such as top ten songs to break up to, top ten songs for a Saturday night and so on. Hence there is scope for some original lists, and a real music nerd strives for originality. Here are some ideas for lists that I have started that you might like to use to get you going:

10 reasons that Tales of Topographic Oceans by Yes is a really good album.

  1. Rick Wakeman proved that it is good to eat a curry to.

10 highlights of Bill Wyman’s solo career

  1. A New Fashion from his eponymous album of 1982 is a really good song. (You think I’m joking don’t you? I’m not. I really like the song; it’s catchy)

Just as you will have your lists, other nerds will have theirs. It is important that you denigrate their choices just as much as you vehemently argue the case for yours. You are a connoisseur of fine music. They are idiots. And their lists are crap.

Why not make lists that reflect that, such as: The most overrated top 10 songs appearing on other peoples’ top 10 lists. Read the rest of this entry »