Vinyl mark down

July 2, 2012

Went back to the Belmont swap meet for the first time since my holidays ended and what did I find? Remember that guy with the suitcase full of records for $5 each? If not, see here.

Well, he was back but now he only had a box of records and the price was reduced to $3 each.

At that price I found a few items to bring home.

Greatest Hits Vol2 by Elton John

I always said I would buy this the next time I saw it; I just can’t remember why since I have all the songs anyway.

Before The Rain by Lee Oskar

Yes, I do have it on CD but how could I pass the chance to have it on vinyl?

Crimes of Passion by Pat Benetar

On the very day that I bought this album I then kept on hearing “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” from the Rock Of Ages OST. Kismet, I say.

Everyones a winner by Hot Chocolate

Look up to us!

Mad Love by Linda Ronstadt

I do love some Linda Ronstadt and on this album she sings 3 Elvis Costello songs

Take My Time by Sheena Easton

Take My Time by Sheena Easton; and my partner was just talking about her the other day. Kismet, again.

Love Someone Today by Sister Sledge

Love Someone Today by Sister Sledge; this album gives credit to who made the jumpers that you see the sisters wearing here on the cover. Cool.






What I found on my holiday part 1

June 13, 2012

During my recent holidays I spent some time Op Shopping, some of them at locations a little bit further out of my regular orbit. I confess that I unfairly malign the state of Op Shops today; I go around thinking that the good old days of uncovering that fantastic find in an Op Shop are no more. Upon reflection, that really isn’t true. I still locate fantastic finds in Op Shops. For example last year I came across Cucumber Castle by the Bee Gees. Plus earlier this year I found a Japanese CD of the Jackson Sisters, which even had the Obi Strip. Believe me, that was a wow find. However I think it is fair to say that these fantastic finds are becoming rarer. People just don’t donate that much stuff anymore. Furthermore, I suspect that with the vinyl revival that is taking place, that those people who were going to just give away their records have already done so. But still, there is that occasional fantastic find.

Like this; two Morgana King records from her Reprise years. I found them together in an Op Shop in Belmont. I kept on looking in case there was a third.

Gemini Changes by Morgana KingBoth albums are in great condition and what makes this discovery even more significant is that one of the albums It’s A Quiet Thing is actually on my wish list. Yes, I have a music wish list and it never stops growing but I do get to cross items off it now and then and with this find I crossed off It’s A Quiet Thing by Morgana King. Yay!

Its A Quiet Thing by Morgana King

BTW, as a word of explanation, Morgana King was a jazz vocalist who later did some acting (she was in The Godfather). Her style is sometimes referred to as an acquired taste, but I like her. I first came across her via a fantastic find in an Op Shop a few years back.

In an Op Shop in Vic Park I found this intriguing item.

Your Kind Of Party by Linda and NoelJust from the cover I knew that this was something special. I had no idea who these people were but I could just feel that this was a unique find. Apart from the friendly title, the record features extremely earnest liner notes and no last names of the artists except on the song writing credits of the LP itself. I found a few pages online that refer to this album and to be honest it is good. I am not sure that I would ever play it at a party but I am glad I found it. If you want to know a bit more have a look here (include a better quality shot of the album cover). I have also included a track from the album below. There is a great description of the album on YouTube where the track is from so go have a read here.

More holiday finds still to come…

Record Store Day

April 24, 2012

I am normally a second hand vinyl type of guy but I thought to go along to Record Store Day over the weekend. I probably should have treated it like I do second hand record sales and lined up for the opening because by the time I got there at 10am, an hour after 78 Records had opened all the good RSD releases were gone. Still, they had 15% off their vinyl so I got two records. One a Magic Sam album, Magic Sam being a Blues artist from the 60s whom I have been meaning to buy for a while.

Magic Sam

Magic Sam; well worth the effort of going to Perth and not getting any RSD releases but still coming away with something

The other was an album by Latimore. I had heard of this album due to my Al Kooper phase from a few years back, when I went and bought a lot of his albums as expensive Japanese imports. It was the only way to get them at that stage and then Raven Records went and made them all available as cheap 2fers, too late for me though. Anyway, in the course of my Al Kooper studies I came across this album and going at 15% off I now own it.
I remember talking about Al Kooper at home and my fiance kept on doing a double take as when you talk about Al Kooper all she could think of was Alice Cooper. In print they look vastly different but when said aloud they do sound similar.


Latimore; He never did become one of those famous one name artists

Dada Records did not have any RSD releases that I could see nor did Fat Shan but the latter store did have a few discounts on their second hand records and so I got a Pointers Sisters record from their early Blue Thumb days when there was four of them.

Pointer sisters

Stepping out! In those shoes?

Since the event of RSD I have made contact with Moogy’s Moible Record Store and may have a lead on getting my hands on some of the exclusive RSD releases. Stay tuned!

Christmas Top 5 2011 #1

December 16, 2011

Is this a Christmas song? Well, it is about Christmas, and that is good enough for me. What’s more it comes from one of my all time favourite albums, namely Paris 1919 by John Cale.

Christmas Top 5 2011 #2

December 15, 2011

From fast funk to slow groove, here is something a little different for Christmas. I do like to play this song by Morphine over and over again as one listen is never enough.

Christmas Top 5 2011 #3

December 14, 2011

Our number three Christmas song this year combines funky good times with social comment. Take it away, Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings.


Christmas Top 5 2011 #4

December 13, 2011

Dan Hicks did it too. Did what, you ask? Record a Christmas album, that’s what. His came out last year and features this laid back scat version of Carol Of The Bells. Close your eyes if you don’t dig the animation and just unwind to this carol.