Let’s Talk Tough

September 1, 2010

We’ve had the girls with guns, time for just the girls, and really, it is just the girls. No guns, and not much else either.

From what I remember, this book was pretty thin, yet according to the blurb on the back it has three novels. What length does a story have to be considered a novel and not a short story?

And as for those stories, one of them features a “covey of drug happy broads”. So that’s the collective pronoun for drug happy broads; a covey.


Gun It

April 14, 2010

Firstly, thanks go out to UltUp for the kind words and for sharing her insight into what changes and what doesn’t. I guess book covers have changed at least.  

Notice anything different about the previous entry in this Girls and Guns series? The Girl did not have the Gun, which is kind of rare for covers like these. Here is another one, with at least the Girl and Gun in close proximity, and some great red pants. And look, it is not a Spillane book. Rather, we have returned to the Matt Helm series, that we saw way back at the start.

I should do another series looking at the author pictures. I think Don Hamilton is trying to be a very cool Hemmingway.

Spillane Over, almost

April 7, 2010

Last one from Mickey Spillane in this series, I promise. At least in this one, it is not the girl with the gun, although I’m guessing she is meant to be impressed with the guy who does have the weapon. Or maybe it is the tie and jacket combo that has caught her attention.

Have Gun, Not Much Else

March 31, 2010

My season of Girls and Guns is turning into a Mickey Spillane festival. Did his covers ever feature anything else? 

And yes, she is holding a gun, so this does qualify.  And yes, it is easy to miss the gun.

I just have to wonder, what came first with this one? The title of the novel or the idea for the cover?  

Great use of the First Time In Paperback announcement. I guess with a title like this, it makes sense that it first came out in a hard format.

Don’t skimp on the firearm

March 24, 2010

Nothing exudes secret agent cool better than a near naked lady and a gun. So I guess it was only natural that Mickey Spillane went from writing about cynical world weary detectives, with covers featuring near naked ladies with guns, as seen last week, to penning tales about cynical world weary secret agents, with covers featuring near naked ladies with guns. The iconography remains the same; only the names have been changed.

I must confess I did read this book one lazy Saturday. Looking back I can’t remember much about the plot but I recall that there was a lot of shooting and a lot of sex. I also can’t remember any spying actually taking place.

Girls and Guns Continues

March 17, 2010

But first, a comment on a comment.

My ol’ real world buddy asked about a previous title that dealt with virginity; specifically what was the content like? Since I no longer have the book I can’t honestly say but I did scan the contents and amongst it all are some of the following headings:

Various Types of Virgins

Pregnant Virgins: Single and Married

Other Peoples: Other Times: Other Ways

Moving on though to the current topic and I’m looking at covers that feature a girl and a gun. Here’s one from Mikey Spillane, with a girl who looks to be able to shoot straight but can’t keep her dress straight.

The cover must have enticed a few readers because this is a really well read copy.