Modesty Prevails

December 7, 2011

I’m back, and let’s continue where we left off with another Girls and Guns cover. Today, we have Modesty Blaise.

Impossible Virgin by Peter O'Donnell

I think the publishers chose a model with a striking likeness to the comic stip character. Whatever you may think of Modesty Blaise I feel you have to give credit to Peter O’Donnell. Not only did he create the character but he wrote the comic strip and numerous novels for decades.

Shall we turn to the back cover to see adventure Modesty is in for in this book? 

Back cover of Impossible Virgin by Peter O'Donnell

I can’t really tell you what the story is about based on the back cover blurb other than that it is set in Africa and has killers and gorillas. I feel the New York Times says it best though when they point out that this novel has it all, including medicine.


Got Gun? Fur Sure!

October 26, 2011

Girls with Guns continues on. James Hadley Chase, a prolific thriller writer of the 20th Century provides todays book. Publishers the world over seem to think that thrillers are made more thrilling by including a scantily clad woman on the cover. Give her a gun though and you have sex and violence. And if she is a cold blooded killer at least she is warm with that fur coat on.


But A Short Time To Live by James Hadley Chase

I do love the interaction on this cover between the model and the authors name. Are you checking out her legs or checking the spelling of Hadley?

But A Short Time To Live by James Hadley Chase back cover blurb

Reload of Girls with Guns

October 19, 2011

Another dose of girls with guns this week.



Touch and Go by Keith Hetherington

What a great swimsuit with the lightning bolt! However the best is yet to come. Check out the small print on the back cover.

Touch and Go by Keith Hetherington back cover

This is not just some novel. This is a novelisation of a movie, and an Australian movie at that, partly funded by the Qld Film Corp and the AFC. It gets a brief mention at the Internet Movie Database.

Back with a bang

October 12, 2011

The last few editions of Lost Library Thing showcased a return to the theme of doctors and nurses covers. This week it is the return of the book cover theme Guns & Girls. So who is packing heat today?

Murder Is Out by Lee Thayer

What a stunning cover this is; the lifeless eyes of the victim with their extended fingers in extreme close up while in the background is the femme fatale holding the gun but looking extremely unworried. It just makes you want to turn the page. Too bad the back cover does not give any further details, but instead advertises the line of Phantom Books.

back cover of Murder Is Out by Lee Thayer

You had a gun, but was it loaded?

April 21, 2010

After all, how else did they get this close to you to slit your neck? You had a gun!

Back to the girl holding the gun today; not that it did this gal any good.

Gun It

April 14, 2010

Firstly, thanks go out to UltUp for the kind words and for sharing her insight into what changes and what doesn’t. I guess book covers have changed at least.  

Notice anything different about the previous entry in this Girls and Guns series? The Girl did not have the Gun, which is kind of rare for covers like these. Here is another one, with at least the Girl and Gun in close proximity, and some great red pants. And look, it is not a Spillane book. Rather, we have returned to the Matt Helm series, that we saw way back at the start.

I should do another series looking at the author pictures. I think Don Hamilton is trying to be a very cool Hemmingway.

Spillane Over, almost

April 7, 2010

Last one from Mickey Spillane in this series, I promise. At least in this one, it is not the girl with the gun, although I’m guessing she is meant to be impressed with the guy who does have the weapon. Or maybe it is the tie and jacket combo that has caught her attention.