Vinyl mark down

July 2, 2012

Went back to the Belmont swap meet for the first time since my holidays ended and what did I find? Remember that guy with the suitcase full of records for $5 each? If not, see here.

Well, he was back but now he only had a box of records and the price was reduced to $3 each.

At that price I found a few items to bring home.

Greatest Hits Vol2 by Elton John

I always said I would buy this the next time I saw it; I just can’t remember why since I have all the songs anyway.

Before The Rain by Lee Oskar

Yes, I do have it on CD but how could I pass the chance to have it on vinyl?

Crimes of Passion by Pat Benetar

On the very day that I bought this album I then kept on hearing “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” from the Rock Of Ages OST. Kismet, I say.

Everyones a winner by Hot Chocolate

Look up to us!

Mad Love by Linda Ronstadt

I do love some Linda Ronstadt and on this album she sings 3 Elvis Costello songs

Take My Time by Sheena Easton

Take My Time by Sheena Easton; and my partner was just talking about her the other day. Kismet, again.

Love Someone Today by Sister Sledge

Love Someone Today by Sister Sledge; this album gives credit to who made the jumpers that you see the sisters wearing here on the cover. Cool.






What I found on my holidays part 2

June 18, 2012

I made it to the Belmont swap meet twice during my holidays but only once as a buyer. During the first weekend of my holidays my fiancée and I went there as sellers and sold a fair amount of stuff including clothes, some of my books, furniture and even a lamp shade that we have tried to sell at the markets on numerous occasions now and this time it finally sold. When I go to sell I try not to buy and I was successful this time. I didn’t even look at another stall.

My second visit, towards the end of my time off, was a buying visit and I came home with a good haul.

It was not until I was halfway through the markets that I finally found something worth buying. Initially the records at this car park bay did not promising. His records were not even in a box. They were stacked up in a haphazard pile on the ground and from a distance I could see a few well worn LP corners. However, I know from experience, that you still have to look, just in case. This was one of those times when it was worth it. The second record from the top was this gem.

 This is soul by various artists

The condition of the packaging was great (no water damage on this item) and it had the correct LP inside. The seller was selling all his records for a buck each.

At that price I kept on digging to see what else there was.

There was this Soft Cell album.

 The art of falling apart by Soft Cell

It is an LP with bonus tracks that are on a long play 45 included inside.

Also there was an Anne Murray album, that, even though I am no Anne Murray fan, since it had a cover like this, was in good condition and going for a dollar, I just could not pass it by.

Annie by Anne Murray

Lastly there was this album. I had no idea who Lani Hall was but a quick look at the songs on the back revealed she was doing renditions of two of my favourite Elton John songs (Tiny Dancer and Come Down In Time). With that magical price of a dollar what harm was there.

Sun Down Lady by Lani Hall

This album really does live up to the title of “Sun Down Lady” as it is truly a sun down type of album to play when kicking back during the last few minutes of the day. Beautifully mellow and relaxed with great arrangements and some wonderful singing by Linda. Turns out Linda was a vocalist with Brasil ’66 before cutting this as her solo debut. I might have to check out some Brasil ’66 offerings that feature her. A find like this reassures me to keep looking because there is great stuff out there and sometimes at a great price.

The next seller offering records was just a few bays away. These records were in a neat pile and were in an open suitcase. They were all from the 1970s and featured more Leo Sayer albums than I can remember ever seeing in the one place. I had already starting to put aside some of what he had to offer before I remembered to ask him how much he wanted for them. I guess I was spoiled by having just paid a dollar each for records so I was thrown a bit when told $5 dollars each. The seller did add that he would offer a discount if I bough a few. Since I didn’t have a lot of cash set aside for this day’s outing I started to drastically whittle down what I intended to buy from this seller.

I won’t dwell on what I put back but believe me I could have easily bought more than the four items I did select.

Everything on offer was in very good condition and so after much deliberation I bought

  • a Bob Welch era Fleetwood Mac album (Bob would commit suicide about two weeks later), Heroes are hard to find by Fleetwood Mac
  • Heart’s first albumDreamboat Annie by Heart
  • a solo offering from Graham Bonnet (no, I hadn’t heard of him either but I thought to take a chance) Graham Bonnet
  • and a Ross Ryan album. This last one I picked up as I keep on seeing a CD release of his “My name means horse” in JBs and so wanted to find out what he is like.A Poem You Can Keep by Ross Ryan

Having picked out four records the seller was good to his word and let me have them for $18. All in all, I think I got some great records but I do prefer my prices lower.

The Hand You Are Dealt

October 18, 2010

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Big Bite

August 13, 2010

The Friday Song today is from Elton John. Since most people know him I will give him no introduction; instead let’s talk about the song.

Have you ever heard a song and just went yeah, I wish that song could just go on; it finished way too soon; it had such a great groove or chorus or whatever going on and I could just listen to it for ages. If you have ever felt this way, then this song is for you.

If on the other hand you hate repetitive long-winded songs that just go on and on, then this song is not for you.

“Bite Your Lip” is the last song on Blue Moves, which was an Elton John double LP from 1976. Maybe it was because he was having trouble filling up two sides of two albums that Elton went with this epic song that took up a fair chunk of vinyl in order to close the album; who can say. But for me, it works.

The album version is over 6 minutes long and achieves such a frenzy of intensity, with the continued exhortation to get up, get up, get up and dance that I do just that every time I hear it (I refrain from biting my lip though). Sadly I could not find the album version anywhere on online but I have found a live version complete with gospel choir as on the album version, that almost re-captures the essence of the recorded version. It is a bit shorter, a fact that the drummer (is that you Nigel Olsson?) is grateful of.

And as a bonus, if you want more of the same, I have also a second live version of this song with Elton dressed up as a certain famous cartoon duck. Since my blog this week started with ducks, I thought it suitable to end with ducks.

Blue is the colour

July 19, 2010

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Song for a Friday

July 16, 2010

Time for something new and recurring. I’m going to call it Song for a Friday.

Our first pick comes from an event earlier this week wherein I introduced some work mates to The Mighty Hannibal. It all came about from the news of Elton John’s upcoming album, where he is working with Leon Russell. The impending album will also feature a guest spot by The Mighty Hannibal.

So who is The Mighty Hannibal? A quick perusal of his mini-autobiography as included in his Hannibalism compilation album reveals him to have been many things. A singer, a songwriter, a businessman, a producer, a pimp,and a junkie. He taught Marvin Gaye how to dance; he introduced Jimi Hendrix to Little Richard; he used to go fishing with best friends Larry Williams and Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson; had annual parties with Joe Tex and Sam Cooke. He worked in films as an extra; he worked for Johnny Otis; he made an add for Budweiser about malted beer. He claims to have the only picture in the world of James Brown with an afro. James begged for it to be destroyed. Now that James has passed on perhaps Hannibal will release it. Oh, Hannibal also once stole an elephant.

So here is the song for this Friday; It is The Mighty Hannibal with Get In The Groove. I hope it helps make your Friday.

For those wanting more Hannibal here is Jerkin The Dog from the mid 60’s and The Truth Shall Make You Free from the early 70’s.