It’s just all part of the game

February 7, 2011

Went record hunting yesterday at the Belmont swap meet and came away with the debut album by the Specials (why was Elvis Costello chosen to produce that album? Never really thought of him as being a ska man Was it because his first album cover featured a two tone like design? Just a thought), as well as an album by Basil Brush with music by George Martin (could it be that George Martin?). Almost brought home a soundtrack to the Black Hole, but in another case of misplaced records this sleeve (complete with a booklet of photos from the film) contained the Supremes’ Christmas album. Now how did someone get those two mixed up? Read the rest of this entry »


Wall To Wall Vinyl

September 6, 2010

Wall to wall vinyl would be an apt description of how my room is and also of this week’s triptych. Read the rest of this entry »

Time To Turn The Record Display Over

October 22, 2009

Well done to World Inverted who noticed the intense brooding look of all three featured musicians. My girlfriend also commented on the looks that she kept getting from those three guys at the other end of the room.

However, intense gaze aside, it was the cigarettes that linked the three, which World Inverted also noted. Furthermore, it is not just the presence of the smokes. Note how the three albums each feature a cigarette in time. Ralph is just lighting up; Bowie is in full smoke and Bryan is at the fag end of the cigarette and the party too I suspect (with his suit still immaculate; or perhaps the party has just begun and he is bored already).

This next display will involve a bit of research, because the link ain’t visual. See if you can work out what, or more accurately, whom, to give you a bit of guidance, links these three albums.

Brave New World by The Steve Miller BandFreeze Frame by Godley & CremeNo Secrets by Carly Simon

RocknRoll Yer Own

October 16, 2009

Another week, another trawl through my collection for something to display.

Before we get to show and tell though, I think everyone worked out the visual theme of last week, which was basically male chest hair, so well done.

Streets Of London by Ralph McTell











Young Americans by David Bowie












I’ve upsized the images this week just so you can all see what is in Bryan’s hand down here at the bottom.

By the way, I in no way endorse smoking.