Song. Friday. Eno.

November 12, 2010

Going around the web last week was an interview with Brian Eno, ostensibly about his new album. Somewhere in the background, actually on the screen of the computer, was an image of Eno in his Roxy Music days.

A day after I watched the interview I happened upon the soundtrack to Velvet Goldmine; my local library was selling their copy for a dollar. For that price I was happy to take it home.

I remember the film back when it came out and thought that it wasn’t bad but not flat out brilliant. The soundtrack is somewhat the same. Most of it consists of reworkings of famous glam era songs, by a super group, which does include Andy Mackay from Roxy Music. He even covers himself on a few old Roxy numbers, such as ‘2HB‘, wherein Thom Yorke does an impressive Bryan Ferry impersonation. I was half convinced it was Bryan at one stage.

There are also some original songs in the glam style, such as the excellent contribution from Grant Lee Buffalo called ‘The Whole Shebang‘. However, standing above even these original contributions are the originals from the glam era, including Roxy Music and Eno solo.

Leading off the soundtrack is Eno’s blistering ‘Needle In The Camel’s Eye’, which was also the lead off track from this debut solo album Here Come The Warm Jets.

For those who only know Eno from his ambient work it might come as a surprise that Eno, apart from the animal cruelty his work hints at (needles in camel’s eyes) and the poor parenting skills (why is the baby on fire? And is throwing him in the water really the way to go?), really used to rock. Check out this song and see why it is today’s Song for a Friday. Enjoy!


I Wear My Sunglasses In Colour

December 7, 2009

The display this week is a riposte to last weeks. Now, where are my sunglasses?

Time To Turn The Record Display Over

October 22, 2009

Well done to World Inverted who noticed the intense brooding look of all three featured musicians. My girlfriend also commented on the looks that she kept getting from those three guys at the other end of the room.

However, intense gaze aside, it was the cigarettes that linked the three, which World Inverted also noted. Furthermore, it is not just the presence of the smokes. Note how the three albums each feature a cigarette in time. Ralph is just lighting up; Bowie is in full smoke and Bryan is at the fag end of the cigarette and the party too I suspect (with his suit still immaculate; or perhaps the party has just begun and he is bored already).

This next display will involve a bit of research, because the link ain’t visual. See if you can work out what, or more accurately, whom, to give you a bit of guidance, links these three albums.

Brave New World by The Steve Miller BandFreeze Frame by Godley & CremeNo Secrets by Carly Simon

RocknRoll Yer Own

October 16, 2009

Another week, another trawl through my collection for something to display.

Before we get to show and tell though, I think everyone worked out the visual theme of last week, which was basically male chest hair, so well done.

Streets Of London by Ralph McTell











Young Americans by David Bowie












I’ve upsized the images this week just so you can all see what is in Bryan’s hand down here at the bottom.

By the way, I in no way endorse smoking.