Christmas Top 5 2011 #5

December 12, 2011

Another year, another Christmas Top 5. Now, these are by no means the greatest Christmas songs of all time, but just another 5 good Christmas songs that I think should get some airplay, and believe me they will, at my house. My love of Christmas songs stems a great deal from my affection for the “Blues” and they are so many Christmas songs by “Blues” artists. So to kick off the Christmas Top 5 this year, here is Lowell Fulson with I Want To Spend Christmas With You.


A Song For September, Not Just Friday

September 3, 2010

The week may have started with some rain, but that was just the last gasp of our winter. Spring started midway through the week and the signs are everywhere. For one thing, I am putting aside my winter listening of Blues and old time Country and Bluegrass and reaching for the Power-pop.

Ah, Power-pop. Sure, I like Todd (Rundgren) and I was quite happy that the first Blue Ash album finally made it onto compact disc (just need the second one now) and The Raspberries are great, but the masters of the sound and feel will always be, to me, Big Star. Maybe I just heard them at the right time of my life, but Big Star just capture the whole thrill of spring for me, and the fading memories of what Spring once was and could have been and maybe might be again.

So, that tint of melancholy that is behind every blooming (because all colour fades) and that is ever present in Big Star songs is truly felt this year with the passing of Alex Chilton and Andy Hummel. But enough, it is September, time to think about those September Gurls.

Podcast News

October 22, 2009

The big question of course was where do the podcasts go once I save them?

A: the hard drive. So all the cool things that I discovered in the session are still on that computer. Just as well then, that I had an earlier play around at my work station so I have a few things already saved.

Firstly, where do I start with iTunes U? There is so much stuff, that I have to stop and think just what exactly do I want to look up? Music of course! Read the rest of this entry »