Crate Number Three

April 16, 2012

Once you get on a record buying spree it is hard to stop. I had not been to the Belmont Swapmeet for months and now I’ve been two Sundays in a row.

I tried to play it cool. I looked at a few items, a record here, a book there, but I held off on buying anything. I had a strict budget this time.

It was at the fifth row of sellers that I found what it was that I was holding out for. A seller with three crates of records with the enticing sign of LP Records $2.

I started the flicking through. Crates 1 and 2 didn’t have much but what did impress me though was the condition of the records. They all had plastic sleeves and they were all catalogued. The owner had affixed post it notes to the spine ends of the plastic sleeves with details of the title and artist along with some sort of identifying system. This person was a pro.

I can’t cross fingers while flicking through records but if I could I would have because I wanted no one else to come along and start trawling through crate number three ahead of me and mercifully no one did. And it was in crate number three that the treasures lay.

The first two crates had unremarkable country and classical and a few pop gems that I already have plus some John Denver of which I will say no more. But Crate Number Three is where I blew my budget. I even scrapped up another dollar coin from my pockets and explained to the seller that I had $22 worth of records and only $21 for it. The very nice lady allowed this and I cut short my visit to the markets. No point in looking at everything else if you can’t afford it.

So what items from her Husband’s collection did she sell ( she told me it was her Husband’s collection – she asked if I had noticed the cataloguing – I certainly did)?


A close up of the cataloguing system here showing how JD Souther was classified. I don't get what the system was (numbers and letters?) but I do admire it.

And what items did I manage to pick out? First what didn’t I get. I always remember the ones I miss. I still mope about the time I missed a Little Feat album for a buck (what was I thinking?) and so this time due to budget constraints I had to put back a Paul McCartney album and a George Baker Selection album. The first I figured I would likely see again and the latter, honestly, I was only interested in the cover. It was a weird shot of George in a row boat with a lady dressed up like Scarlett O’Hara. Perhaps Google it if you are interested.  

The interesting thing about the items on sale and that I came away with is that they were all of a limited time. The collection covered the late 70s to early 80s with only a few exceptions, one being an early America album, back when there were three of them.


America, after they came through that desert on that horse, what was he called again?

I got two Bonnie Tyler albums. Both of them have ‘interesting’ covers.


Electronic landscape or laser beam through the head? You decide!

I got a few doubles for the same price as the single LPs; one George Benson collection and the other a Bee Gees hits. Yes, another Bee Gees compilation, this one deals exclusively with their late 70s period. I also got Spirits Having Flown. For all my frequent blogging about Bee Gees I actually don’t have that many of their albums, but I have plenty of compilations. Also I read today that Robin Gibb is very unwell. Sad news.

Bee Gees

Do I need another Bee Gees Greatest Hits? YES!

You all know Charlene right? I’ve hummed her song but I’ve never seen her album before, until now.


You don't have to dress like a drag queen to sing along to this song, unless you want to of course.

I got an EmmyLou Harris album with a gorgeous cover and continuing the trend of lady singers I picked up a record by Karla Bonhoff.


A mighty fine shot of the simply wonderful EmmyLou

To finish off there was a greatest hits by The Commodores and an offering from J D Souther. All in all a very impressive haul.


I didn't know Apollo Creed used to sing with Lionel Richie


Medievel Vinyl

August 29, 2011

There are certain records that just the sight of them cause me to start singing a significant track. Maybe this is a diagnosable condition. Here is an example. I was thrilled to have found a copy of Cucumber Castle, the 2 man Bee Gees album that Barry and Maurice did after Robin left for a solo career in the late 60’s. Having played it over and over I have become victim to another of their aching ballads, in this case “Don’t forget to remember me”, and now whenever I look upon this cover I immediately conjure up that song in my mind. The song IOIO also lurks in there somewhere. Read the rest of this entry »

More Bee Gees

May 16, 2011

My Bee Gees phase has yet to come to an end. One thing that I am really fascinated by, apart from the incredible song writing with so many sing along stick in your head poppy numbers, is the saga of the early membership. Read the rest of this entry »

Bee Gees continue on

May 13, 2011

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Bee Gees phase

May 9, 2011

I’m going through a Bee Gees phase at the moment. Regular readers might remember how I recently picked up a Bee Gees compilation that featured a cover photo of the band when they had four members. Filing this find away I of course took the time to look at my other Bee Gees records and made the discovery that they once had 5 members. The attitrition of Bee Gees is the theme of this week’s display. Read the rest of this entry »

Looking back

April 18, 2011

Perhaps it was because there was a record collector meet on eslewhere yesterday that the pickings at the Sunday swap meet were so few. I did come away though with Derek and Clives’ first album (I’ll play that one loud to annoy the neighbours) and a Bee Gees compilation. This particular Bee Gees record has four band members on the cover. That’s right – four! It wasn’t always only the 3 brothers Gibb. I wonder whatever happened to that fourth guy… Read the rest of this entry »

Weekend Vinyl Display

February 28, 2011

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