It’s just all part of the game

February 7, 2011

Went record hunting yesterday at the Belmont swap meet and came away with the debut album by the Specials (why was Elvis Costello chosen to produce that album? Never really thought of him as being a ska man Was it because his first album cover featured a two tone like design? Just a thought), as well as an album by Basil Brush with music by George Martin (could it be that George Martin?). Almost brought home a soundtrack to the Black Hole, but in another case of misplaced records this sleeve (complete with a booklet of photos from the film) contained the Supremes’ Christmas album. Now how did someone get those two mixed up? Read the rest of this entry »



April 12, 2010

As promised, some albums are making their return appearance. When I first displayed Yvonne Fair and Amanda Lear, both brandishing whips, I chose to include the Devo album that had the Whip It song. However, that was a tough call, because I also considered another classic album, which I have now added to this remixed vinyl triptych.

When a problem comes along

March 22, 2010

An insight into my workings this week.

In case you ever (or never) wondered how I decide on my vinyl triptych, I usually start by flicking through my records. While looking at one cover I will perhaps be reminded of another. Pretty soon I’ll have two covers with a theme or a link of some sorts. I then scratch my head looking for that elusive third album to finish the trio.

Sometimes I don’t find the third one; such as with the red beanies theme. I started with the Marvin Gaye album Let’s Get It On, where he is wearing a red beanie. I then found a Bill Cosby album, where he too wears a red beanie on the cover. However, still can’t find anything in my collection that has anyone else wearing a red beanie. I’ll keep looking.

However, this week, I’ve got two possible third albums, so expect to see some of these albums again soon.