Reflections of 23 Things

December 1, 2009

Looking back on the course, I want to begin by saying how rewarding it has been. I really got a lot out of it and enjoyed it immensely.

Trying to pick a favourite thing is difficult. I really love delicious; being able to save all the great webpages I come across has been fantastic. I need to work more on my tagging though, as I have a fair few just tagged music.

The whole blogging experience has been great. I started up my vinyl display at my house last year but it suddenly hit me that it would be a great blog topic and I have really enjoyed posting the weekly triptych. I have also started up an ongoing topic of My Lost Library Thing. I do intend to resurrect the Game Review too.

Twitter has become very addictive; I tweet daily for my Another Day Another Disc feature on my blog using the identity of ADiscADay. I also just tweet socially at work under my regular blog identity of Arotulon. I feel that there is a little community of tweeters here at UWA now.

I have reassessed Library Thing, now that I have played around with it more. I have long kept a tally of the books that I read and have now begun to use Library Thing for that purpose.

There was not a thing that I didn’t like, but not having that many digital photos to upload I didn’t really get much into Flickr. I suspect that will change once I have more digital photos.

I don’t think I seriously posted about the lifelong learning habits and what my learning goals were previously, so here goes. Of the 7 and a half habits the easiest one for me is probably play; always happy to play around with something. Hardest habit is probably accepting responsibility for my own learning; too busy playing most of the time.

In terms of learning goals then, I wanted to increase my awareness of the various technologies or things and be confident in using them. I am someone who has never owned a mobile and currently does not have a computer, so I am a potential poster child for the digital divide. I wanted to be able to engage and understand with the things in this course and I think I have done that pretty well. My partner at home is keen to see and understand all of the things that I covered in this course so I guess that I will soon put habit 7, “Show Others”, into practice and that will really prove whether or not I have confidence in these things.

To end, at our final workshop our Practically Perfect Programmer came through once again and found this clip with which we ended the class. Let me share it with you…


23 Things To Catch Up On

November 26, 2009

Faced with the imminent end of our 23 Things Program, the task has been set to conclude the things we had left hanging. I think I did at least 18 of the 23 things, but of the 23 there are certain ones that had to be done. One was the wiki task.

So, being an original pilot participant I revisited the Lib Lingo wiki; after I had my password reset naturally, because I had not been there since June.

Once I had logged I made a typo correction to a wiki entry on music scores; after all I don’t know the subject area but I know punctuation. Which is not the same as always following the rules of punctuation…added a tag to that page also. This then started a whole panda approach to correcting a few typos and adding more tags to various pages. So it can be said that I completed the wiki task, of adding a page (back in June), and correcting some pages. However, never did anything on Wikipedia; what do I know that I know I know?

I’m game if you are

November 24, 2009

The first computer experience that I ever had was games based. I was just behind the generation that brought home these new fangled computer games; in my case my older brother who had the parentals buy him a commodore or something. I remember it ran on tapes; you had to put the tape in and let it program the computer and then you could play. Want to change games, put in another tape, wait, let it load and away you go. The computer itself just consisted of a brown and orange keyboard with a tape deck in the corner; it just plugged into the tv. We had a Pac-Man rip off called Pâk-Man or something (he was shaped like a square) and a flight simulator game and a downhill skiing game that I really loved. When you crashed and died it played a funeral march. Read the rest of this entry »

Slide Away

November 18, 2009


Finally got around to making a slide show to embed via slidecast.

face facts

November 16, 2009

Ah facebook, it has happened at last. The big social web 2.0 thing has come up in our 23 things program. I spent most of the practical session, devoted to getting set up on Facebook, reading the privacy tips supplied to us by our other practically perfect programmer. As I read what to do I then put it into practice. I now have a very secure facebook profile. Only friends can find me so I guess fellow UWA 23 things participants will have to wait for me to find them. Read the rest of this entry »

Memo on Memes

November 5, 2009

Had fun with the memes week and I just wanted to share what was my fav mashup meme. The whole Kanye thing produced plenty of stuff, but IMO this was one of the best, a near seamless mashup.

Slide On Up

November 5, 2009

Hmmm, weren’t too hard. Now need to make some powerpoint presentations and upload them.