Meco’s Star Wars funk album

March 24, 2013

Meco's Star Wars funk album

Finally, after years of looking, today I found it at the Belmont swap meet.


It is fine, everything is fine at #RevFilmFest

July 10, 2012

Crispin Glover likes to talk. You might know him as the dad in the first Back to the Future film. You won’t know him from the second Back to the Future film, but you could be forgiven for thinking that you do. See this recent interview Quickflix conducted with Crispin as part of his appearance in Perth for the Revelation Film Festival for further details of what I mean.

Last night Crispin presented the second film in his as yet incomplete trilogy, “It Is Fine. Everything Is Fine”.

This film is only screened with Crispin in attendance so it is unlikely that the majority who read this will ever see this film. Even so, I am averse to spoilers but I will say that this film harks back to 1970s TV Murder Mystery Movies of the Week (that is how Crispin described it in the post film Q&A) . Furthermore the star and writer of this film is Steven Stewart, a man with cerebral palsy, who makes for an unusual leading man.  

Crispin also presented a slide show based on his books, which are old style mash ups, where he has taken old books and added text and words and re-arranged what was there to come up with something completely new.

At the end of all this Crispin himself took to the stage to answer questions. I was glad to be able to ask one about how he makes his books. There were not that many questions as Crispin takes his time to answer them and it was almost midnight by the time he got to mine and he still had a book signing to do. I snuck out after he expounded with his answer to my query. Who knows how much longer the night went on?

Perhaps I will ask him when I go to see him again tonight for the screening of his first film and another slide show.

More #Suapanova Perth 2012

June 25, 2012

Okay, I said tomorrow, but the online world moves fast and by then no one will care about Supanova 2012, so best to carry on now.

I promised some more cosplayers and here they are. Along with some other Supanova shots.

Mario Bros

Brothers gonna work it out


Earlier in the day this guy had his small kid with him dressed as Asterix, which was pretty cool.


Far be it from me to criticise but with Cosplay there seems to be a gender imbalance with how much flesh is revealed.


Now, this person knows their Spider-man history. Do you?


Appropriately enough the Tardis inside the bag is bigger than it looks

Kung Fu Panda

There was a Kung Fu Panda, but no Hong Kong Phooey


Strolling with an axe. Only at Supanova



Lady Deadpool

Lady Deadpool; she even has that stick out your hip pose, just like in the comics. Yay!


Golden Age Flash; excellent choice

Silk Spectre

There were a few Silk Spectres there but this one had the best hair

Kill Bill

Ah, the bride to be


I love this photo


“Wait! You mean they finally released a Wedge action figure? I never knew this.”


May 21, 2012

With the passing of Robin Gibb here is an earlier Bee Gees related post. Death is a constant of course. I have my own sad news, with the death of my beloved Nanna, who was my last grandparent. She passed away Friday

Arotulon's Blog

Of course, you probably saw this coming. With a Bee Gees record display this week why not feature them on the Friday song. I have had the group in high rotation for the last few weeks.

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Break In Transmission

October 15, 2009

twitter over capacity

Well, did anyone else see this at their twitter page this morning?

Does anyone know if this happens often?

Hello world!

May 5, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!