A song for the last day

August 10, 2012

Last day here at UWA, and so I drove the spare car to work. It’s something of a older car; it has a tape deck. I grabbed a tape at random this morning to listen to on the way here. I shoved my hand into a tape drawer and pulled out Bob Dylan at Budokan. I thought it would be set to side 1 but side 2 is what played as I drove here this morning. By the time I got here at UWA and parked the car the song that was playing was Going, Going, Gone. Wow, I couldn’t have chosen a better song for my last day here. Y’know I actually started up this blog because of an internal education programme here at UWA, so it is also appropriate that I use this blog to say goodbye to UWA.


My other blog

June 7, 2012

Another thing I did on my time off was go out looking for some more dead BBQs, which I also blog about over at http://deadbbqs.tumblr.com/ Go check it out.

Walking with the Queen

June 6, 2012

And I am back from holidays. Of course I found time to look for records and books and will post some details of that soon but for now, in the world of music I noticed the big line up that played for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. About the only thing that I didn’t see was either Lon Chaney or Lon Chaney Jnr, walking with the Queen. So, with that in mind here is Warren Zevon.

#PerthFest Out Of Context: For Pina

February 21, 2011

Straight up, this was the simply the best piece of dance theatre that I have ever seen. Read the rest of this entry »

#PerthFest reflections: #RoyAyers

February 14, 2011

Roy Ayers and Ubiquty at the Music Box 12 Feb was fantastic. He did Searching, he did Evolution, he did Running Away, he even had the audience help him sing Everybody Loves The Sunshine!! (nothing from the Coffy soundtrack though, but hey!) Read the rest of this entry »

#PIAF reflections; part 1

February 14, 2011

The Opening event Transition by Pan.Optikum was full of old European pretensions about war and grand visions, all intoned by an old man with a broken voice while acrobats did acrobatic things that you couldn’t understand how they related to Europa being kidnapped and people being decapitated on the beach as the old man had solemnly related, and then, lots of fireworks at the end.  It was so great to see bodies moving amongst so many sparks and how they were moving, as if tied to the hands of gigantic metronomes. I really enjoyed it. Read the rest of this entry »

Can we still play this song past the year 2000?

February 11, 2011

  Of course we can!

It happened the other night when my fiancée came back from the library to tell me that a book on the history of Island Records was on the new books display (she has since gone and got the book out for me – thank you!). Read the rest of this entry »