Christmas Vinyl Display 2011

December 21, 2011

So, what records have I put up as Christmas decorations this year?

The Ventures Christmas Album

Someday At Christmas by Stevie Wonder Christmas In Blues by Various Artists


Treats in time for Halloween

October 31, 2011

No need to update the record display as I already prepared my Halloween inspired trio last week. Today is the day so I will keep it up for the rest of the week.

So, on with the post for today, which recounts yesterday’s outing to the Belmont Swap Meet, my first such outing for a while. How did I go?

First up, what is going on with the prices of second hand records these days? CDs are cheaper. It wasn’t until I reached the last aisle of the carpark that I found people selling their records for less than $5. Meanwhile CDs were all either one or two bucks.

Also, Cliff Richard fans were in abundance. I had no idea Cliff has done so many records. Just about every seller had Cliff albums to sell. I thought Cliff fans were meant to be life long devotees? Perhaps it is the grandchildren who are selling the records?

So what did I get? I finally got a copy of Led Zeppelin III with working rotating picture display wheel.

Led Zeppelin III

Led Zeppelin III with Spinng Wheel! Note: Not the song by Blood Sweat & Tears

Also got some Otis and Detroit Spinners

Detroit Spinners Smash Hits

The Detroit Spinners are big fans of the Ladies Baseball League

As welll as The Roches and Phil Seymour, one of power pop’s missing heroes . The guy who sold me this remembered seeing Phil on Countdown back in the day as he had a hit song in Australia from off this album.

Phil Seymour

Good thing your shirt does not clash with the background

It was also a good day for Reggae with a Bob Marley find and some Aswad.

Uprising by Bob Marley & The Wailers

So Bob, how big was that fish you once caught?

Casino Royale, the soundtrack from the film from the 60’s, is an album that I have long been after, not from some fondness for the film you understand but for the Bacharach music.

Casino Royale OST

Hey I could almost include this record cover in my Lost Library Thing feature Girls With Guns

Also, I finally bought Rod Stewart’s Blondes have more fun. Yes it is the epitome of his 70’s blonde period but for only a buck I don’t have much to complain about and also now that I own it perhaps I will stop coming across it.

Blondes Have More Fun by Rod Stewart

Do I really need to make a comment here?

I also came an album by Rita Jean Bodine but it was her first album which I already have and not the second album that I am trying to find. The hunt continues.

On the CD front I picked up Tom Jones’ blues album that was released last year, a steal at $2.

Praise & Blame by Tom Jones

Who to praise and who to blame for someone selling this for two bucks?

And yes, my Christmas music obsession continues with the purchase of a Christmas CD featuring some Rosemary Clooney and Johnny Preston performances.

Christmas Collection

I just can't stop buying Christmas music...

I also picked up a Flying Dutchman funk jazz compilation for a dollar, Flying Dutchman being a 70’s jazz label. This would be about the third such Flying Dutchman jazz funk compilation that I have, and yes there is some repetition with the tracks featured here also being on the other compilations but there is also some stuff I don’t have. Who knows; if I keep buying these I might end up with all the tracks from one Flying Dutchman album spread out across a half dozen compilations.

Flying Funk

Flying Funk is what they called this compilation, and yes I do give a Flying Funk for jazz funk.

Now, to put aside some time to listen to all this stuff.

Nurds by The Roches

I don't know about you but nowadays whenever I hear the word Nerds I think of Liz Lemon

Dem Bones

October 24, 2011

Halloween; a great excuse for a vinyl display. And so I have gathered together some records with a skull and bones connection for the creepy occasion.

Steppenwolf 7


Danse Macabre


Oxygene by Jean Michel Jarre

It’s all in the name

October 17, 2011

I just don’t have enough Toussaint related vinyl to do the display that I said last week that I was trying to create. I could have if when I found that Dr John album earlier this year the owner hadn’t lost the record inside! Toussaint produced that one and it would have helped me to do a Toussaint triptych, but oh well.

What vinyl treasures have I assembed for this week’s display?

The theme this week is all about having an album title that is a pun or subtle joke on the artist’s name.

Sonny Side Of Cher by Cher 

The Evolution Of Mann by Herbie Mann


Dark Attack by The Darts


October 10, 2011

Wow! I almost missed this concert. I just happened to look in the West Australian and saw a notice that the Dirty Dozen Brass Band were unable to play in Perth but Allen Toussaint would still be. I nearly dropped the paper in shock.

The one and only Allen Toussaint was coming to Perth?

I bought tickets as soon as I could.

The concert was Friday 7 October and it was brilliant. Fantastic. Out of this world. Oh, I am so glad I went and so glad Allen came to town.

I am now trying to assemble a Toussaint inspired vinyl display but in all my collecting and hunting I have never come across a Toussaint album but I do have a few produced by him and a few New Orleans music related albums so I will try and put something together using those.

For now, here are some photos and a clip of what was a fantastic concert.


Stage for Legends of New Orleans concert at Freo Arts Centre

Stage for Legends of New Orleans concert at Freo Arts Centre - the piano is in position for Allen



Allen Toussaint walks on stage

Allen Toussaint walks on stage


Allen Toussaint almost at the piano

Allen Toussaint almost at the piano



Allen Toussaint strikes the keys

Allen Toussaint strikes the keys



Zoom in shot

Zoomed in too much - crazy colours

Toussaint plays on

Toussaint plays on



Allen Toussaint hands out his set list

At the end of the show Allen Toussaint handed out his set list



Aro and LP waiting for the show to start

Aro and LP waiting for the show to start


More Muppets

September 20, 2011

Since I featured The Muppets for last Friday’s song, I thought to have them also for this week’s Record Display.

The Muppet Show


The Muppet Show 2


The Muppet Show Music Album

Woody Allen Vinyl

September 5, 2011

Of late @lunacinemas has been tweeting about Woody Allen and I have been loving it. The spur is Woody’s upcoming Midnight In Paris which will be out soon. As a show of support to all this online Woody Allen affection I thought I would make this week’s vinyl triptych all about Woody. Read the rest of this entry »