About what you will find here

This blog exists was started as part of a 23 things awareness program being conducted in a Library at a University on the Western side of Australia. but has now taken on a life of it’s own.

Being obsessive about collecting music I have put my obsession online and every week post a different vinyl display, or record cover triptych. Having so many records I needed to find another use for them so why not have them as decoration? Every display is put together using records that I own which I then place on my mantle for a week.

I also have way too many books that I bought just for the cover, so again, I have put this obsession online and weekly post a Lost Library Thing; a book bought because I liked the cover.

What’s more, I have amassed a number of board games and sometimes will post game reviews of some of them.

Also, expect a song every Friday.

Plus, I blog random thoughts now and then along with recaps of my experiences at concerts, theatre events, the Perth Festival, booksales, swap meets and anything else that I think is worth blogging about.

Visits to wine bars around Perth WA, are handled at the blog that I manage for the Honourable Society of Barchivists.

Hope you enjoy having a look and maybe a listen.


2 Responses to About what you will find here

  1. Hayley says:

    Dear Blogger,

    I am a Drama Major at Flinders University and are currently writing an essay on Les Ballets C de la B and how their works defy traditional dramatic conventions. I am giving the example of Out of Context-For Pina, and was wondering if i would be able to give reference to your experience of “keeping your hand up and dancing on stage” if possible. I would really appreciate it, and would i be able to have a name to reference this under. Thank you very much!


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