Last weekend at #RevFilmFest

Saw as many films as I possibly could over the last weekend of the Revelation Film Festival.

On Saturday I took it fairly easy seeing the Eames doco a second time and catching a screening of Beauty Is Embarrassing. This doco was about the life and career of Wayne White, whose work I now recognise from the cover of Nixon by Lampchop. This was a great doco and Wayne is quite a character.

Later on Saturday I caught Paul Williams: Still Alive. I know of Paul Williams but I have never really listened to him. I have a compilation of his on record that I don’t think I have ever listened to. This doco featured the film maker quite prominently interacting with his subject which had both good and bad moments. Personally what I found most interesting was all the archive footage of Paul in the 1070s where it seems he was on every television show including Johnny Carson 50 times, including one time dressed as the character Paul played in a Planet of the Apes sequel. It was quite a revelation just how funny Paul was. He still is, as the more recent footage proved. I think Revelation missed a great chance here to do a midnight screening of Phantom of the Paradise, which was a film that Paul also starred in.

Sunday was a big day. First up was The Trouble With Bliss, starring Michael C Hall. I didn’t know what to expect but this film turned out to be a funny and at times quite odd film. I rather liked it. Top marks also to the short film that preceded it; A Tale Of Obession. This rather good short film had some of the best opening credits ever.

Rampart was next. This gritty corrupt LA cop tale was involving but it took a while to get into what they were saying. It felt like all the background noise in the film was louder than the speech. Ned Beatty was present adding a touch of 70s cinema to the proceedings.

The next film in my Sunday line up was Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines. This film was a blast. The producer was present for a Q&A afterwards helmed by Judith Lucy who also was a blast. The final blast for me was I ran into my friend Bookbuster who was there, as she gave to the kickstarter project for the film. Bookbuster even got asked by the producer to stand up and relate the tale of the Batgirl fan at recent comic cons. Go learn more about this film here.

The last film of the night and the Revelation film festival for 2012 was Buff. This locally made film about film buffs was great fun. I especially liked hearing David Stratton say that Transformers 3 was shit. Ha!

Well done to the Revelation festival for another great year.






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