a few more movies at #RevFilmFest

Caught the last screening of The Whisperer in Darkness at Revelation Perth Film Festival last night. This is essentially a fan flick as it is made by the H P Lovecraft Historical Society, but an incredibly well made fan flick done in 1930’s RKO style. It was very well done with some real moments of tension.

Earlier this week I also caught a doco called Eames: The Architect and Painter, about the life and work of Charles and Ray Eames, the husband and wife team. I confess I only knew them from the one or two chairs that I see referred to as Eames chairs so this doco was a real eye opener to just how much work they produced. Catch it if you can this weekend. I left the cinema wanting a solar powered do nothing machine, which they had designed and created for an Alcoa commercial.

Crispin Glover’s second night at the Revelation was not as well attended as the first, but he was still a hoot. Some different books were shown in his slide show, and his first film What Is It? was shown this time. I asked about a credit that I noticed in the credits and yes, Crispin’s dad dug the grave used in the film, as his dad, apart from being an actor, once also worked as a grave digger. Crispin’s parents also appear in his other film It Is Fine. Everything Is Fine. Crispin also answered my other question of has he yet written the third film It Is Mine; yes he has, but he didn’t say how close he was to making it. Thanks to Revelation for bringing Crispin out here.

Onto the last weekend of Revelation for this year. I’ll try and cram as many movies in as I can.


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