It is fine, everything is fine at #RevFilmFest

Crispin Glover likes to talk. You might know him as the dad in the first Back to the Future film. You won’t know him from the second Back to the Future film, but you could be forgiven for thinking that you do. See this recent interview Quickflix conducted with Crispin as part of his appearance in Perth for the Revelation Film Festival for further details of what I mean.

Last night Crispin presented the second film in his as yet incomplete trilogy, “It Is Fine. Everything Is Fine”.

This film is only screened with Crispin in attendance so it is unlikely that the majority who read this will ever see this film. Even so, I am averse to spoilers but I will say that this film harks back to 1970s TV Murder Mystery Movies of the Week (that is how Crispin described it in the post film Q&A) . Furthermore the star and writer of this film is Steven Stewart, a man with cerebral palsy, who makes for an unusual leading man.  

Crispin also presented a slide show based on his books, which are old style mash ups, where he has taken old books and added text and words and re-arranged what was there to come up with something completely new.

At the end of all this Crispin himself took to the stage to answer questions. I was glad to be able to ask one about how he makes his books. There were not that many questions as Crispin takes his time to answer them and it was almost midnight by the time he got to mine and he still had a book signing to do. I snuck out after he expounded with his answer to my query. Who knows how much longer the night went on?

Perhaps I will ask him when I go to see him again tonight for the screening of his first film and another slide show.


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