#Revfilmfest first weekend

I scored a gold pass to the Revelation Perth International Film Festival. This little beauty enables me to go see everything. It doesn’t give me the time to see everything however, so I am getting out to see what I can.

I went to the opening night party on Thursday 5 July. I’ve been to opening night events before, including last year’s Rev opening night. Usually all the food and drink is afterwards, but this year they had a party going before, so my partner and I got to have a few drinks and some nibbles before settling in for the film.

Your Sister’s Sister was good. It certainly played well to a full house.

They then had another party with more food and drink after the film, including the hottest steak burger I have ever had. I nearly burned my hand holding it. I had three of this delicacies and didn’t need breakfast the next day. There are not too many film festivals that you can say that about.

I came back on Saturday and Sunday to catch a few more films.

The Substance: Albert Hofmann’s LSD was an incredibly comprehensive documentary. Sure, it had the usual suspects in that multi-coloured bus with the destination of Further, but it also had Albert himself interviewed before he turned 100 (he died at 102), along with those who used the drug for psychiatry. What I found especially fascinating was the use of LSD with terminal cancer patients. The feeling of oneness that LSD can produce (oceanic boundedness, I think they called it) can help them overcome their depression.

Undefeated had me almost crying. This tale of US football in an under privileged high school was moving and mesmerising.

Archeo was interesting and certainly very well done. Do you remember that film Predators? It was sort of like that, but without the Predators.

The Imposter was incredible. Totally gripping and edge of the seat stuff. It is no spoiler to say that the imposter of the title really is an imposter. It still has some screenings, so go see it.

I also caught The 25th Reich. It was a hoot. Maybe the title could have been Time Lost GIs or something but it is a great homage to old style 50s/60s sci-fi films. The script is taut the whole way through with plenty of twists and turns, and only 5 characters the whole time. The shoe string budget enhances the feel. The Director was there ( I complemented him on the Saul Bass inspired opening credits) and he told us that his film would get a bigger release in this country later this year. Keep an eye out for it.

Also on Saturday my partner went and saw The Colour Wheel. She said it was bad. She also added that I should see it, just so I could see and experience how bad it was. She reported a few people walked out. This also happened when I saw Archeo.

On Sunday we both went to see Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present. If you know her work, you know what to expect. The main focus of this doco was her 3 month sitting at the Museum of Modern Art in 2010.  The film really brings across the challenge that this piece presented. It also has incredible footage of many of her previous works and features the reunion of Marina and Ulay. Worth seeing.

The big event of the Rev program this year, for me at least is, The George Melies Project. Ever since I studied film back in my uni days, I have heard and seen stills of his work. However, apart from a few scenes in Hugo, I have never seen any of his films, so to view them, an hours worth of them, on a big screen with a live band was incredible. Of course there was the journey to the moon one with the rocket in the moon’s face. But his work includes more than just that one scene. Some of the films we saw yesterday included journeys to the underworld, trains flying into the sun, fishing in top hats, along with numerous appearances by the Devil and his ballerinas in Hell. The carriage led by a skeletal horse through a ghostly night time sky was a highlight for me. And all of these films are now over a hundred years old; wow.

I’m looking forward to more Rev films still to come.


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