Record Store Day

I am normally a second hand vinyl type of guy but I thought to go along to Record Store Day over the weekend. I probably should have treated it like I do second hand record sales and lined up for the opening because by the time I got there at 10am, an hour after 78 Records had opened all the good RSD releases were gone. Still, they had 15% off their vinyl so I got two records. One a Magic Sam album, Magic Sam being a Blues artist from the 60s whom I have been meaning to buy for a while.

Magic Sam

Magic Sam; well worth the effort of going to Perth and not getting any RSD releases but still coming away with something

The other was an album by Latimore. I had heard of this album due to my Al Kooper phase from a few years back, when I went and bought a lot of his albums as expensive Japanese imports. It was the only way to get them at that stage and then Raven Records went and made them all available as cheap 2fers, too late for me though. Anyway, in the course of my Al Kooper studies I came across this album and going at 15% off I now own it.
I remember talking about Al Kooper at home and my fiance kept on doing a double take as when you talk about Al Kooper all she could think of was Alice Cooper. In print they look vastly different but when said aloud they do sound similar.


Latimore; He never did become one of those famous one name artists

Dada Records did not have any RSD releases that I could see nor did Fat Shan but the latter store did have a few discounts on their second hand records and so I got a Pointers Sisters record from their early Blue Thumb days when there was four of them.

Pointer sisters

Stepping out! In those shoes?

Since the event of RSD I have made contact with Moogy’s Moible Record Store and may have a lead on getting my hands on some of the exclusive RSD releases. Stay tuned!


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