Santana morning

Well, where have I been? I never intended to be away from my blog for this long, but in the meantime I have not had any adventures in vinyl hunting until Sunday just gone. Maybe Easter Sunday brought the sellers out or maybe it was just because I had been away from the scene for so long. Either way I came away with quite a sizeable haul from the Belmont swap meet.

Simple Minds

If you buy one album on Easter Sunday it should probably look like this

The sounds of the 1980s were the flavour of the day (how is that for mixed metaphors) with selections from The Vapours, The Stranglers, Simple Minds, Merle Haggard, The Flirts and even Topper Headon.


'ear, what is this?


How many albums by a former drummer for The Clash do you own?


Merle, Haggard as always

I also got a Stars of 69 that features Long John Baldry and a cover that I just could not pass by.


"And will I get another gold star if I pose for the camera like this?"

Crazy Horses by The Osmonds is one of those albums I often hear about, both positively and negatively. So for $1 I thought to give it a shot.

Crazy Horses

For a second there I thought Crazy Horse did an album called The Osmonds

I even bought some books. I am starting to worry now that seriously I have reached that stage where I have more books than I can possibly read in the remainder of my lifetime but oh well, I am going to try. I got two Frank Herbert short story collections and the book “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” which I have wanted to read ever since I saw the film (boy, what a devastating film that was).

worlds of Frank Herbert

And yes, I did buy one book for the cover but also the title and hey I just might try and read it in this lifetime. It is called Santana Morning. And I bet you were waiting for me to mention a heap of Santana records that I had bought.

santana morning


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