Disco of the Dead

My partner came in to the room when I was playing this song the other day. She listened for a moment before asking “funky disco stuff, huh?” And, why yes, as a matter of fact it is, but not the disco that you would expect. It is the Grateful Dead. That is right, “Disco isn’t Dead”, it’s Grateful Dead. I have always heard less than favourable comments about the album “Shakedown Street” by The Grateful Dead, but when I saw it going rather cheap at JB Hi-Fi I picked it up. It is the remastered and expanded edition from Rhino after all. Plus, it has a Lowell George connection; he is credited as the producer, but really from all accounts he was just hanging out in the studio. So I gave it a chance and I can affirm that it is not a legendary Grateful Dead album, but it does have some good moments and I think this title track is one of them. And yes, they were going for a disco feel. This was the late 70s after all and everyone was going for a disco feel. I have even heard the Beach Boys do disco, but I might save that for some other time.

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