Love some Bar-B-Q

It is so exciting when something that you have wanted for so long comes your way, which is what happened yesterday with me and Preston Love’s Omaha Bar-B-Q.
Now, this is an album I have long wanted, due to the Shugge Otis connection. Plus, how can you not love an album that pictures the sax player at a flaming Bar-B-Q?

Preston Love's Omaha Bar-B-Q

One flame grilled saxophone coming right up!

Shuggie Otis is one of the guitar legends that I discovered via this crucial early on purchase. I have since bought the three albums he released under his own name and since have sought out other albums where he played a crucial role such as the super session he did with Al Kooper.
Yesterday I had time before my train to pop into Dirt Cheap CDs in Perth. I had put my name down for an import that the very knowledgeable manager was expecting and wanted to see if it had arrived. It hadn’t but there on the counter amongst the stash of goodies that the manager had to one side was this album. I actually felt my jaw drop. I had to buy it there and then and I did.
The good news is that after wanting this album for so long it lived up to being what I wanted. A funky instrumental sax and guitar extravaganza. The album itself is great but the informative linear notes did point out a flaw. It turns out that Preston cut a non-LP single at around the same time.
Now, why the usually excellent Ace Records, and their subsidary BGP who put this album out, chose not to include that 45 I have no idea. I guess the hunt never ends, so I will have to see where that single is available. However, this ommission does not dampen my joy at finding and now owning this long sought after album.
And thanks to the online world I can at least listen to that lost single until I find a copy of it for myself. Here is “Cissy Popcorn”. Plus how about a track from the album as well; “Hoe Cakes And Sorghum”.

Shuggie does pop up in the most unusual places. I recently read “I’m with the band” by Pamela Des Barres (I started it while waiting in line at the Save The Children UWA booksale) and towards the end he got a mention. Turns out he married one of the GTOs. However Pamela spelt his name as Suggie. Must have been a typo unless Johnny Otis had two guitar wizard sons with very similar names.


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