I do the Rock

I didn’t just buy records at the recent Save the Children UWA booksale. I also picked up a few CDs. One was this doozy courtesy of Rhino records.

Just Can't Get Enough - New Wave Hits of the 80s Vol 1

Just Can't Get Enough - New Wave Hits of the 80s Vol 1. Sadly it does not come with all the badges shown.

Rhino, a fantastic reissue label, used to do a lot of these sort of multi-volume collections of songs of a certain type. I have come across Rhino collections of DIY Punk, Power Pop, 70’s soul, and a history of funk. Their funk history was called “In Yo’ Face” and I have managed to come across second hand copies of 4 of the 5 volumes.

However, thanks to another purchase from the booksale, namely this All Music guide published in the early 90’s before they went online and became a great way to waste time, turns out Rhino also did a ½ volume of “In Yo’ Face” as a sort of prequel so to complete that collection I have two more volumes to find instead of one.

All Music Guide to Rock

All Music Guide to Rock. Before there was the web, it was all in print.

But I digress. Let us have a closer look at this gem CD. The title is a bit misleading as “I Just Can’t Get Enough” is not on this first volume, which is a bit of an oversight in my mind, but what is here is some great stuff, a lot of which in my younger days I missed. Come on, I was young. And speaking of young, there is something about this stuff that generates for me feelings of being young.

I saw bits of some BBC show on the ABC a while back; I think it was on before QI. The show featured celebrities famous in the 70s who are now in their 70s, living in a retro house to see if being surrounded by the items of their youth helped them to be youthful. There just might be something in that. I know that whenever I watch The Goonies I feel like a kid again, and not the angsty kind either, the younger one before that time period. And listening to this CD I felt kind of similar, even when listening to the songs that I had never heard before. They just seemed to be from that era and jolted me back same as the ones that I did know such as “Cruel To Be Kind” and “Video Killed The Radio Star”.

Of all the goodies on this collection it is this Tim Curry track that I find myself humming over and over again of late. It is that chorus I think. It just lodges itself in my brain and I find myself stating I do the rock over and over. It might even become a catchphrase around my house if I am not too careful.

I do the rock!


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