So, what book that I bought only for the cover, will I have on display this week in Lost Library Thing?

This book is not part of the popular “Confessions of a: window cleaner, etc” series but no doubt they were trying to cash in on that wave by the use of confessions in the title. This book does not focus on the randy exploits of a young stud but instead has the protagonists as two young girls in search of adventure. The cover, I am guessing, is meant to invoke thrills of a hedonistic variety but actually comes off as creepy and a bit alarming. They could reuse the image on a stranger danger poster with ease.

Confessions of a Hitch-hiker by Adrian Reid

The PR department is alluding to Kerouac I suspect with how they have highlighted ‘on the road’. And the girls do seem ever so grateful for the lift. Maybe because they discovered that they could not walk far in those platform shoes they have on.

Notice something else? Far from being a true life account they have given the author his due and put his name at the top. I hope he didn’t go round offering hitch hikes to girls in the name of authentic research.

Back cover of Confessions of a Hitch-hiker by Adrian Reid

Then again he may have done some research. Or else he came up with the term ‘brickering’ himself.

Some choice bits from the novel are given on this back cover blurb so that you know right away what you are getting into, which is the sort of thing you need if you do go hitch-hiking.


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