UWA Booksale 2011

Yes, I waited in line, and yes it was worth it.

For this year’s Save the Children booksale at UWA I rocked up just after 12.30pm to stake a place in line. I was 6th at this point and with only one extra person joining someone in front of me I got to be 7th inside the sale and certainly I was first to the boxes of records.

Actually, technically, I was the first person to the boxes of records once the sale started but not the first person overall to those boxes. At about 5.30 I could see one of the volunteers perusing the records and it looks like she got first dibs. The volunteers at these sales do a great job and why shouldn’t they get first crack at the stock. Maybe I should volunteer?

I had a good time waiting in line listening to 50’s Rhythm and Blues and reading Pamela Des Barres’ “I’m with the Band”, plus also tweeting my line time a bit.

Aro with headphones on while in line

Aro with headphones on while in line

Got a great shot of all the booksale regulars sitting on the stone bench by the reflecting pool. I know all these guys by sight as they are at every event like this, picking up stock for their various book stores and stalls.

All the usual suspects at the booksale

All the usual suspects at the booksale

So, what did I get for all my waiting around?

For one thing I got a reminder to be more aggressive. Just getting in first is not enough. I really need to elbow everyone else out of the way so that I can check every box. I had a look at some of what my main rival found and I really must do as much as he does to get into every box there. I could see he found some great stuff on this night.

In a funny way I helped him; when he saw that I flipped past a Jimmy Barnes album he said he would like it so I gave it to him and then soon after offered him a Rolling Stones compilation that I already owned.

Is it karma or a good deed coming back that later on he offered me all of the records that he was not interested in? That was generous. This provided me with a few records that I had missed, such as a few Dory Previn albums.

Not like the guy who, when flicking through a box near me, took out a Lulu record , looked at it and put it back. I said that I would have it and he then commented that well, it must be all right, and then took it for himself. Guess I should have kept quiet but also I do think he was an arsehole. He was taking it purely to stop me from having it. I later saw him down on the ground going through his box of records and I was tempted to whack him ‘accidentally’ with a bag of books as I went by. I resisted.

So, what did I come away with? I got a live double Doors album, and a double Stan Getz album and an early double Chicago album. And what’s better, the nice little old lady doing the adding up of my records on the way out gave them all to me as single records. Those volunteers sure do a good job. She also did not distinguish between the double and single CDs that I picked up.

Doors Doors

Doors Doors - it's a Doors double - geddit?

I found a duet album of June Tabor and Maddy Prior called Silly Sisters and a legendary Lord of the Rings inspired album that I have been after so that I can do a Tolkien vinyl triptych. This will be coming soon.

Silly Sisters

Silly Sisters - It's just fun to say their name

Along with Stan Getz, on the jazz front I came home with some Mahavishnu Orchestra  and some Miles Davis and Oscar Peterson.


I gotz Getz

Mahavishnu Orchestra

Honestly John, wasn't McLaughlin hard enough to spell? You had to then add Mahavishnu to your name?

I still am buying records just for the covers. Patti Smith I already have on CD but how could I say no to that Robert Mapplethorpe photo in the original LP form?


Patti - still looking cool after all these years

Also I just loved these Sci-fi and spy thriller cover melanges.

Not quite Star Wars

I don't remember Leia looking quite like that

Spy themes
For your cliches only

Found some guitar gods, namely Stevie Ray and Satriani.

Surfin with the alien

Satriani confirms what we always knew: Silver Surfer rocks!

On the Christmas music front I got the Salsoul Orchestra’s first Christmas music album.

Salsoul Orchestra

Christmas music done Disco.

Plus some excellent books were found, none greater than this massive Tom Petty volume going for 4 bucks.

Tom Petty Book

Consider that dream run down now that I have this

All in all a pretty successful booksale for me.

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