Bee Gees phase

I’m going through a Bee Gees phase at the moment. Regular readers might remember how I recently picked up a Bee Gees compilation that featured a cover photo of the band when they had four members. Filing this find away I of course took the time to look at my other Bee Gees records and made the discovery that they once had 5 members. The attitrition of Bee Gees is the theme of this week’s display.

Bee Gees 1st by Bee Gees

Bee Gees by Bee Gees

2 Years On by Bee Gees

So, there we have it. Five members on the top record, four in the middle record and then finally the classic trio of the Brothers Gibb. So, who were these other two?

According to the notes on the back of the first record we have an answer. The extra Bee Gees were two Australians; Vince Melouney and Colin Peterson. Peterson was also an actor and I think is the blonde one that stayed around for the second cover shown.

I could almost do a sequel to this display and focus on the further Bee Gees attrition by having the cover of Cucumber Castle which had only Barry and Maurice as Bee Gees next to Robin’s solo album. If only I owned those albums.


2 Responses to Bee Gees phase

  1. ms says:

    Hey wasn’t there also actually a fourth brother? Who died tragically? Perhaps he never made an album cover.

  2. arotulon says:

    Yes, that was Andy Gibb, who died young. He never joined the Bee Gees but his older brothers can be heard all over his records.

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