May the fourth be with you

In recognition of the upcoming Star Wars day on May 4, I have put together a vinyl display for the occasion.

Star Wars OST by John Williams

The Story of Star Wars

Star Wars by Ferrante and Teicher

Sadly, the record that I would really have liked to include I do not own. I confess that I do not have Meco’s legendary album Star Wars and other Galactic Funk. I saw it once in my early vinyl hunting days and not knowing any better, neglected to buy it. Of course I have not seen it since. Actually, no, that is not strictly true. I have to confess, I do have Meco’s album on tape.

Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk by Meco

Have you ever seen this album? Because I haven't since 1997. What happened to all the copies in the world?

Still, as some consolation, the Ferrante and Teicher album does have a funky galactic back cover.

Back cover of Star Wars by Ferrante and Teicher

If ever I float in space I hope that I am so well attired


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