If only this Cliff Richard album had the record inside

Those were words that I never thought I would say while record hunting, but I did. I have so many almost vinyl triptychs, where I have two records with a similar cover but lack the third, and that Cliff album that I saw over the weekend would have completed one such display, but oh well.

At least I found this Christmas album.

Christmas Goes Electric by The Moog Machine

I never knew it existed but now, I can’t wait for December to arrive so that I can play it. More details of this album are available here.

Also while record hunting this week at the Belmont Swap Meet, I picked up the Butch Cassiday and Sundance Kid soundtrack (50c) and a whole bunch of cheap CDs ($2 each) by the likes of the Raconteurs/Saboteurs and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The highlight though was Stephen Still’s Just Roll Tape, an early demo session, which I have been after; mine for $3.

So, time now to look at what is on display this week on the mantle, where the theme is Arabian Nights.

Arabian Nights by The Ritchie Family

Caravanserai by Santana

Lawrence Of Arabia - Original Soundtrack by Maurice Jarre


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