#PerthFest Out Of Context: For Pina

Straight up, this was the simply the best piece of dance theatre that I have ever seen.

My fiancee is a dancer and I always attend dance events with her, such as Human Interest Story that was showing last week at the Perth Festival. I get something out of the dance performances I see with her; they can be interesting, intriguing and yes sometimes, indulgent and even a bit dull.

But this show…I don’t know what it was about it that made me love it so much, and I don’t think I want to know, but it was just fantastic.

Having a post show talk was a great idea (shame that Shelagh had to end it) and certainly better than the pre-show talk that was held for Human Interest Story the week before. That latter event was a bit hampered by the director Lucy Geurrin being unable to say too much about her show without spoilers. However, having a post show talk works well, and it really provided an insight into the creation of Out Of Context:For Pina.

The director is not a dancer at all, so maybe it is his input into the show that so captivated a non-dancer such as myself.

Mind, I am no longer a non-dancer as it was me, Perth, who got up onto the stage last night when the headphone wearing dancer (Romeo, I kid you not – he was the former Soccer player from Portugal) asked for someone to dance with. I was so completely enthralled by the show that I refused to let the chance go by and so I kept my hand up and soon made my way onstage for a slow dance to Little Jimmy Scott crooning Nothing Compares 2 U. Romeo thanked me for coming at the end of our routine and that was that.

Great show – truly. Go see it before it ends at the Perth Festival.

There are also reviews here and here.


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