Too much William Shatner is never enough

Last week’s Friday songs caused some debate amongst my twitter circle. The combination of a cover and a Pulp song soon had people mentioning William Shatner’s incredible version of Common People.

This version came about via the collaboration of Shatner with Ben Folds, but this was not the first time they had worked together.

Ben had done an album earlier of spoken word pieces called Fear Of Pop Volume 1, and Shatner did what was the best track on the album.

Here it is for your enjoyment. I always crack up when he says “move on”.

But wait, William Shatner and Ben Folds did this live for Conan and here that is. This clip also includes a little interview at the end where Conan mentions Shatner’s legendary Transformed Man album.

In that little interview Conan made mention of Shatner doing Rocket Man live, and thanks to the magic of YouTube here is that mind blowing live version of Rocket Man. There is a little introduction, but that introduction is by the man who wrote the words, Bernie Taupin.


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