#PIAF reflections; part 1

The Opening event Transition by Pan.Optikum was full of old European pretensions about war and grand visions, all intoned by an old man with a broken voice while acrobats did acrobatic things that you couldn’t understand how they related to Europa being kidnapped and people being decapitated on the beach as the old man had solemnly related, and then, lots of fireworks at the end.  It was so great to see bodies moving amongst so many sparks and how they were moving, as if tied to the hands of gigantic metronomes. I really enjoyed it.

However I think people had trouble with the concept of a standing event. It means don’t sit down, because the moving parts of the show are coming towards you.

Also, I never realised just how scary a didgeridoo can be to a kid. I don’t know how old the child in front of me was but it was all his mother could do to hold him tight and cover his ears and reassure him it would be over soon, but it wasn’t. As part of the Welcome To Country, that didge kept going and it was pretty loud with plenty of whoops and a few shriek like sounds on top of the long moan. The kid really freaked. Maybe a didgeridoo does not need amplification? Just a thought.


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