It’s just all part of the game

Went record hunting yesterday at the Belmont swap meet and came away with the debut album by the Specials (why was Elvis Costello chosen to produce that album? Never really thought of him as being a ska man Was it because his first album cover featured a two tone like design? Just a thought), as well as an album by Basil Brush with music by George Martin (could it be that George Martin?). Almost brought home a soundtrack to the Black Hole, but in another case of misplaced records this sleeve (complete with a booklet of photos from the film) contained the Supremes’ Christmas album. Now how did someone get those two mixed up?

Also came away with the book Backstage Passes by Angie Bowie with Patrick Carr. I happen to have Angie Bowie’s autiobiography Free Spirit somewhere amongst my collection, but I have never got round to reading that book by Bowie’s first wife, and until yesterday I was unaware that she had written a second book. For $2, I thought why not.

So far I have had only a quick look through, looking at the few photos included and scanning the index to see who is mentioned. I noticed Amanda Lear was mentioned on some pages, and interested in her as I am (she has been in a vinyl display here and here) I looked those pages up.

Angie claims that Amanda was the girl on the cover of the first Roxy Music album. Say what? Did no one fact check this book before publication? Patrick Carr, the co-author is credited as a rock journalist on the back cover; did he not pick up on the fallacy of this statement? Perhaps Captain Beefheart’s famous statement about rock journalism is true. Or was it Frank Zappa who said that? Depends on which rock journalist reported it, I guess.

For those who are wondering what I am raving about, Kari-Ann Muller, is the woman from the first Roxy Music album and this is the second, the one featuring Amanda. It is not like the covers are similar and so can be easily mixed up. Anyway, that mistake has caused me to seriously question the accuracy of what else is in the book. And also, it is fun to spot mistakes. I’m sure someone out there has spotted heaps that I have no doubt made here on my blog.

Also found while record hunting was the CD OST of Dances With Wolves. With the recent passing of John Barry, it seemed like the right time to pick up a copy of this academy award winning soundtrack.

So, results of record hunting over, let me now reveal the record display for this week. The theme is Game.

Wicked Game by Chris Isaak

Games People Play by Joe South

The End Of The Game by Peter Green


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