Switch on to the Vinyl Display

So, time to see what is gracing the mantle display in my lounge room this week.

Presenting a little tribute to the work of Robert Moog and his early synthesizer, The Moog. Get switched on to this music machine.

Switched On Rock by The Moog MachineSwitched On Bacharach by Electronic Music Productions, Ltd.Switched On Nashville by Country Moog

2 Responses to Switch on to the Vinyl Display

  1. Mel says:

    Is there someway you can upload a sample of country moog for me to listen to I am intriuged and ready to be amused…

  2. arotulon says:

    Hiya Mel,
    good of you to drop by.
    I haven’t yet explored the possibility of uploading actual music to the blog but your request demands that I look into it.
    In other possibly related news I am thinking of starting up a record club where people come round and listen to a whole record. Maybe I’ll play this one and invite you along.

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