One name author

You know you have made it when all that is needed to state who you are is just your sirname. Case in point – Steinbeck.

The Long Valley by Steinbeck

I guess in case the name is not enough, it never hurts to include a pretty woman; and for that extra oomph, it looks like she is about to get  hurt. What is that guy brandishing?

Back cover of The Long Valley by Steinbeck

Now, just in case you didn’t know Steinbeck’s first name, they do provide it on the back, along with a photo where he looks rather like John Hurt. Plus, you get to see all the other Steinbeck books that you should already know about (none of which I have heard of; where is Grapes Of Wrath? Of Mice And Men? Cannery Row? They don’t even mention Travels With Charlie which I blogged about before). About the only thing you don’t get is any idea of what this novel is about. I guess the name and the image are meant to be enough.

Next week, another rural flavoured cover…


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