Buy My Sword

The vinyl display this week is all about sword play.

Myths And Legends Of King Arthur by Rick Wakeman

Expect No Mercy by Nazareth

Bangladesh by The Tribe

I guess the third album is some sort of cash in group riding the coat tails of the ‘Concert for Bangladesh’. The group is called The Tribe on the front of the album and The Tribes on the back. There are no pictures of the artists and scant detail about them is provided. I wonder if Pickwick, the label that released this had many sales. In related matters, I seem to recall reading somewhere that the money raised from the ‘Concert for Bangladesh’ actually took years to reach its destination.

Not much luck at the Sunday swap meet at Belmont yesterday. Saw a Sandy Posey compilation that I probably should have bought along with a few Gordon Lightfoot albums. Held off on those as well as I had just bought a whole bunch of Gordon’s Reprise albums on Saturday.

I went into the Salvo’s Store to drop off some things and then had a quick look at the records. Someone must have donated their collection. As well as a Boots Randolph album there was Dianna Ross’ Greatest Hits volumes 1 and 2 and Dionne Warwicke’s (the spelling is from the add an ‘e’ years – for a time she had an ‘e’ added to her last name for numerological reasons) Greatest Hits volumes 1 and 2. I love it when I come across little mini collections like that.


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