Ewww, You can’t put that on a cover

Continuing the Halloween theme that I have got going this week, and taking a small break from the Doctors and Nurses book covers of the last two Lost Library Thing entries, here is a cover that stunned even me when I saw it.

Horror At Fontenay by Alexandre Dumas

Well, this is one book I don’t intend reading on the bus to work, but if I did I would surely always have the seat next to me unoccupied.

The Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult is a series that I have come across now and then and have bought a few in the series. Dennis, being something of a horror/occult writer (and a writer of adventure and plenty else) had an extensive knowledge of lost masters of the field and selected somewhat obscure works and authors for this series. Not that Alexandre Dumas is one of the obscure authors; he is the man behind the Three (and Four) Mustketeers and The Man In The Iron Mask after all, but who knew he did horror?

Back cover of Horror At Fontenay by Alexandre Dumas

In defence of the cover, at least the back blurb indicates that the image is relevant to the story. Still, the remains of an earlier price tag suggests that this book was a hard sell.

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