Halloween display

Halloween is just around the corner, and I can’t say that I really pay much attention to this imported event (my partner reminded me recently how we used to shut our gate at our previous house to deter trick or treaters; they came by one year and we had nothing to offer, but also the kids themselves had made no effort at all, just dabbed some of their mum’s make up on to look ghostly and for that they wanted food, so yeah, we just shut the gate every year after that) but I couldn’t resist assembling some of my records together for a Halloween themed Record Cover Triptych. Hello Hell would be another way to think of this trio.

Bat Out Of Hell by Meatloaf

Highway To Hell by ACDC

Alice Cooper Goes To Hell

On the topic of scary and ghastly, had a quick look at the Belmont swap meet yesterday and had a dreadful fright. There was one seller with a stack of records, and many of them were great titles. However, he must have kept them in the back shed or something for nearly every record had water damage and mold on it. He had a copy of Just Another Band From LA by the Mothers of Invention and I was keen to buy it, but there was mold on the vinyl itself. The same was true of a live Country Joe album that was on offer (the guy next to me decided to give it a go and bought it; who knows how that will turn out). Despite the state of the covers and the platters themselves, the seller was convinced that his records were worth something and that they would only increase in value. My partner was with me and could not resist retorting that if such was the case why not store them better than this? The only album in decent condition that I could find was a Gene Pitney record where every song incorporates the name of a different girl. It took a lot of haggling to get it for a buck.


One Response to Halloween display

  1. Travis says:

    My sure fire way to get a good haul at halloween involves three simple steps:

    1) Buy a lot of chocolate and lollies

    2) Don’t open the door

    3) Enjoy your chocolate and lollies

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