The Hand You Are Dealt

This week’s vinyl display is all about what is in the cards.

Mancini Plays Mancini

The Friends Of Mr Cairo by Jon and Vangelis

Stravinsky Conducts Stravinsky - Jeu De Cartes - A Card Game

Had occasion to go the Sunday swap meet at Belmont yesterday. I was actually there to sell but it seems that arriving at 5am is still not early enough to get a bay, so I ended up having a look instead.

Ran into Gareth, who I had been talking to at the recent South of the River branch Save The Children sale. He was there to sell, having arrived at 2am. We met yesterday though while we were both trawling for records.

I picked up some beauts, including Lee Hazlewood’s Trouble Is A Lonesome Town, which was fitting since I had blogged about him on Friday. I haggled a bit for that one and paid $4 instead of $5. I also picked up a live Jerry Jeff Walker album (Jerry is the man who wrote Mr Bojangles, just so you know). I had to wade through 2 boxes of unremarkable country and western records to find it, but persistence  paid off.

Viva Terlingua by Jerry Jeff Walker

I just call it a live album by Jerry Jeff Walker; easier than trying to remember the actual title

Other sellers were dreaming. There was one woman who had individual prices for her records and had stamped $10 for Wings Greatest. Often at these markets I leave with a regret along the lines of “I should have got that other one”, and this woman is responsible for that. She had a Sandy Posey album produced by Chips Moman, but she wanted $4 for it and the condition was awful. That, combined with the other doubtful asking prices she had set for her stuff turned me off. I think I made the right call, but that little regret still lingers.

Wings Greatest

I did not pay $10 for this. Nor did anyone else I imagine.

However, her asking prices were as nothing compared to one bloke. He had a large crate of records sitting on the back of his ute, and they were priced beyond belief. Nothing was under $10 and everything he had was battered and tattered and dusty. Covers were broken, peeled, frayed and split and in some cases torn in half. Here is an example; he was asking $30 for a copy of Elton John’s Yellow Brick Road that looked like it had been used for years as a coaster.

Other sellers of records were more reasonable, such as the last guy I bought from, who gave me 3 for $10, which included a double Eric Clapton compilation. However Gareth got to this guy before me and took away about 10 records. I consciously didn’t look too close at what he got. I didn’t want to torture myself. All I did notice is that one of them was a Pink Floyd album that thankfully I already own, so no harm done there.

History Of Eric Clapton

It's got Bluesbreakers, Cream, Delaney and Bonnie, and Dominoes. If all of that means nothing to you, try Google

I had a close call with one almost purchase. There was one guy with some CDs and one looked interesting. It was a collection of soul songs and many I did not have, and I was seriously considering it, when I noticed that a lot of songs had a * next to them. Down the bottom of the track listing it explained that tracks with a * are re-recordings either by the artist or by members of the group. I was glad that I didn’t fall for that and even gladder still that the CD was honest enough to state this, expecially since over half the songs had the *.  

Apart from records, I also a picked up a board game, and a blog post about it will come soon, I promise, so it was a great morning for discoveries. However, I didn’t make any money, since I did not get to sell. Instead I spent money (namely the money that I had put aside as the float) and brought home more stuff, but oh well, all up, I am rather happy with the cards that were dealt me, so to speak.

One more thing; I picked the display this week for the card playing connection, but it almost could have been for the similarity of titles of two of them. Mancini Plays Mancini and and Stravinsky Conducts Stravinsky; I should look to see if I have any others with titles like that.

Oh, okay one more thing about the record display. It is hard to see but the whole title of the Mancini one is Mancini Plays Mancini and other composers. Those last three words are in really tiny print on the cover.

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