Two songs for this Friday

I finally bought Lee Hazlewood’s last album Cake Or Death the other day, and I was listening to it on the way to work. I really enjoyed it and got a lump in my throat when he had his grand-daughter, named Phaedra, singing “Some Velvet Morning”. So I was all set to have that song today as my song for a Friday.

But then, I come to work and checked my twitter feed and discovered that the New Pornographers are coming back to Perth. I saw them the last time they came, and although Neko Case was not with them (I didn’t know before buying the tickets that she was not touring with the group) it was still a fantastic show. I also saw Neko earlier this year when she came to tour behind her most recent release.

I guess this is what happens when you don’t pick up the local street press for a few months in a row; you just don’t hear about upcoming tours.

So, now I am in a bind. I would love to see the New Pornographers again, this time with Neko on stage with them, but I am already trying to save up for Carrie Fisher and her show Wishful Drinking. She is doing two performances here in Perth and one of her nights conflicts with the NP show.

My partner has pointed out that Carrie does not look like she did when she was nineteen and with her hair in spirals over her ears, but I can’t resist wanting to go see her. Anyway, I prefered her Cloud City look with the mauve gown.  

Anyway, don’t know yet if I will see either of them. I might just stay home with my Lee Hazlewood collection. Requiem For An Almost Lady, with it’s bitter gloom might suit my mood on either night when the show is on and I can’t go.

However, onto the Song for a Friday, and with the news of the New Pornographers coming I wanted to hear something by them , so here is a song from their third album “Twin Cinema”.

My, my, how they rock. They certainly inject glucose into my system. So of course, after the sugar hit that they provide, you might, like me, want something a bit more mellow. This is where Lee comes back into our tale.

Lee Hazlewood was certainly unique (he has passed away now). He is most well known for his work with Nancy Sinatra and I suspect “These Boots Are Made For Walking”, which he wrote, must have kept an income coming in for years. But he also produced Duane Eddy and was the man behind Gram Parsons leaving the Byrds (Gram was still under contract to Lee, so Gram’s vocals on Sweetheart Of The Rodeo had to be wiped). Lee had a laconic type of songwriting, wherein he didn’t seem to say much and there was never an extraneous word, yet a lot was conveyed. The mood was often glum but with a touch of sardonic humour throughout. I seem to remember hearing that he sat down to write songs with a drink in his hand.

So, after the Friday morning high of the New Pornographers, let’s mellow down with “Some Velvet Morning”.


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