Keeping the diamond in mind

It was yesterday that I heard the news of the passing of Solomon Burke. Everyone has to start out with hearing about an artist somewhere and for me, I started out with Solomon’s comeback album from 2002, Don’t Give Up On Me. I loved it so much that I went out and bought a copy for everyone I knew. Actually, I couldn’t afford to do that, though I wanted to, and I did buy a copy for my partner and told her and anyone else that would listen that this album was my album of the year. Not many people did listen to me when I said it, but my partner did, so thank you. Mojo Magazine came to the same conclusion that year also; about the album of the year that is, but if they knew my partner they might agree with me about her also. She is wonderful. So much so, that when I went home and told her the news about the passing of Solomon she could understood who and what I was talking about, which is a rare thing when I talk about my musical taste with her. It was she who suggested that I should blog a little something about Solomon’s passing, so here ’tis.

How about a little something from that fantastic album that introduced me to Solomon Burke? Here is Diamond In Your Mind; just one of the many great tracks from the album that I heartily endorse you checking out.


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