Please Tip Your Waiter

The Record Cover Triptych this week is all about the serving staff. I did a little bit of waitering in my student days and my partner did too. I think everyone who ever has thinks that the waiting staff don’t get enough recognition and never enough tips. So this week’s display goes out to you. I realise that you would prefer an actual tip.

The first and third records have the obvious visual tie in with the theme but you will have to read the album title of Maria Muldaur’s album to get the connection (you can hover your cursor over the picture). Looking at her eyes, I guess she is tired from doing so much running around as a waitress in the doughnut shop. Or maybe they use a special type of icing sugar and she has been sampling a bit too much. Hey, I imagine the doughnut shop was in California and it was the 70s.  


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