Sun Worship

We had some rain last week, but I suspect that will be the last that we see of water falling from the sky for some time. So, before we all get sick of the sunshine and the dreaded heat, let’s celebrate that giant orb with a record cover triptych.

The middle record you see here is the self titled debut by Klaatu. There was a rumour, when this album came out, that the band was the Beatles secretly reformed. From what I can gather the band themselves did not spread this rumour, but it was not denied for some time, during which a lot of publicity was generated for Klaatu and this album sold pretty well. When the truth did come out and everyone saw that Klaatu were not the Beatles, Klaatu suffered a backlash and never really hit the big time.  I’m sure there is a moral to this story, but I’ll let you work it out.


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