Insert Bruce Lee scream here

I love martial arts films. Must have something to do with seeing a lot of Bruce Lee films as a kid. I try to drop into conversation now and then how something is like a finger pointing to the moon, but I don’t think many people get the reference. Anyway, it is one thing to see a swift karate kick on screen and quite another thing to read it. I wonder how many books like this appeared in the wake of the early 70’s karate craze. I know Marvel Comics did a few martial arts comics, such as Iron Fist and Master of Kung Fu, so I can imagine there must have been scores of books released back then, like today’s Lost Library Thing entry.

Just like a typical martial arts film the plot is straightforward, but when presented as a book blurb that does leave a lot of empty space. Oh, by the way, what sort of a name is Kak?

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