Delay in vinyl

Well, how about that? One of my records in my display this week has a cover that I cannot find online so there will be delay in our regularly scheduled programme.

While we wait, let me tell you about the other not so big annual booksale that I recently went to.

Last Thursday was the Save the Children south of the river branch annual booksale. I had a great success there last year, as recounted here. I was hoping for at least a few things this year, and to increase my chances of success joined the line at around 2pm. I was third, which is a pretty good placing.

However, my efforts were in vain as there was only two boxes of records at the sale; and it was mostly all classical. Me and all my competition, those other vinyl hunters who were in attendance, left pretty much empty handed. So much for me being the first music hunter through the door at 6pm (y’know by my reckoning they opened the doors 5 minutes early, but hey!). At least I got one of those two boxes all to myself.  The two others guys who were closest to me in line, but a few bodies back, had to split the remaining box amongst themselves. Still there was nothing much for me or for them. I did take home an average Christmas compilation album, mostly for the cover and also so I could say I at least bought a record.

I did much better with the books though, getting some great reads to take home and, taking advantage of the camera on my partner’s mobile phone, grabbing some photos of those books whose covers were worth a look.

So, with the vinyl delay, let’s have a look at some of these books that will always be lost to me as I never took them home.

This book should come with a copy of Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones

Not old enough to vote but young enough to work an interplanetary spacecraft.

I almost got this for the historical value of this early look at an emerging art form. Ha!


Now here is another fine example of a cover appealing to the male readership.

Since I already had this book I decided not to buy it but damn, I love the cover. Atmospheric.

I already have two copies of this book, both for the cover, neither of which are as fantastic as this one. Maybe I should have bought this one...Note also how the pile of books underneath is getting bigger.

Hey, another Darkover cover, and again with the near naked female. Does no one get cold on that planet?

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