Let’s make history

I will not buy any books just for the cover. This is the promise I made to myself when at the recent UWA Save the Children booksale. And I was able to keep that promise on the opening night. However, when I went back on the half price day, I just could not do it. I saw this, and I just had to have it.

I was blown away, just like those Civil War era soldiers. The book was in pristine condition and at half price was going to cost me 50 cents. The cover, with the heroic machine gun poses, juxtaposed with the historical scene, was a winner, and the concept, hah! So I picked it up and noted that the book was a sequel. I half wondered if I would ever find the first book.

I didn’t, but I did find the next one in the trilogy.

This book was a few tables away and was in the same untouched and probably never been read condition as the first one I found. The cover displayed the same no guts no glory type of scene as the first. So I bought them both.

I guess these books were written in the wave of the success of the A-Team and First Blood, stories about returned Vietnam Vets and what they did next. Only this takes it up a notch by having them continue to fight and this time, perhaps in an effort to redeem what was a loss in ‘Nam, fight for the very existence of the USA.

I guess if the A-Team had time travel, this is what it would have been like; maybe.


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